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Floor Picnics To Upgrade Your Quarantine Meal Game

Who says you can't have a picnic even though you are stuck indoors? We say this idea calls for your best pillow fort and several of your quarantine snacks.

Even if food is limited, we totally understand. This is one of the first times in our adult lives that we really feel like we have to make the food we have last since our store trips are few are far in between. For this post if you have access to loads of food, feel free to go crazy with a quarantine feast. Otherwise, we are also going to provide recipes for the people with budget constraints and limited food access.

1. The Picnic Atmosphere

We found this image on Pinterest to serve as inspiration for you!

Okay, yes we admit this spread is pretty elaborate. But let's start with the first steps to creating a similar set-up. Do you have a rug somewhere in your home or apartment? You can use that as the sitting area. If not spreading a blanket or even a towel will do the trick. Find any throw pillows you have laying about and scatter around the blanket or rug. If you happen to have a coffee able or low table that can serve as the table or you can totally just use your rug, etc as the table too. Get fancy and use your silverware and plates if you want for place settings. We also love the idea of spreading candles around the picnic space. Hopefully it will help the space feel very calming and inviting!

If you're feeling replicating this image more exactly, see the detailed how-to guide here.

2. The Spread

We love the idea of this "Grazing" box.

Image & Idea via: Domestikated Life

We don't have too many snack options right now. But perhaps you do. If not, add whatever you have: frozen fruit, granola bars, candy bars, maybe a few chip bags. Anything goes right now! Get a little creative! Maybe you have pizza rolls in the freezer (both the L&L girls do). Pop those babies in the oven for this and serve for your picnic!

3. The Drinks

Photo & Recipe via: Thirsty For Tea

Whip up flavored water or tea by adding a few ingredients or your frozen/canned fruit. Serve in mason jars, if you have, for added flair.

4. The Dessert

Photo & Recipe via: Sweet Spicy Kitchen

For the dessert menu, we chose a sweet using frozen fruit. We figured more people would have frozen fruit more readily available!

5. The Candle

Tanlines Candle, $46, Sunday Forever

If you don't have candles... Don't fret, you can order a few online. We recommend this "Tanlines" candle from Sunday Forever. Light this candle and transport yourself off to an exotic location somewhere far far away with this scent.

Time for a floor picnic. Have fun spending time getting this all set up and ENJOY! You deserve a night of food and some r&r!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Pinterest (1); Courtesy blogs and brands (5)

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