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Labels & Lacquer: The Halloween Costume Shop

Halloween is almost here! We are mostly excited about watching spooky Netflix shows with candy and drinking spiked hot apple cider. However, if you are wanting to get all dressed up and dance the night away; we rounded up a few of our favorite costumes from various retailers like Dolls Kills and Urban Outfitters.

For this post, we wanted to make the costume process really easy for you. The entire look is all ready to go, you would really just have to supply the heels and spooky makeup. For example we found a 1980s Barbie workout costume that comes with leg warmers and a headband/matching belt. SCORE! Buying a complete costume just gives you more time to buy candy!!

There is no wrong way to do Halloween— if you're more low-key maybe you can wear all black and get your fave scary movie queued up. But if you are still stuck on what to be this Halloween, we're hoping this post will help you out!

1. Wanna Come And Play With Us

Wanna Come Play With Us, $48, Dolls Kill

To be honest, we haven't seen the entire The Shining movie, but we do think this take on the creepy twins is pretty perfect. You'll look cute, but still be honoring this iconic horror film. 2. Barbie's Workout Plan

Barbie's Workout Plan, $48, Dolls Kill

Come on Barbie, let's go party!!

3. Wacky Wavy Tube Guy

Wacky Wavy Tube Guy Costume, $69, Urban Outfitters

You would just keep the laughs coming all night with this costume.

4. Little Devil Bodysuit Halloween Costume

Devil Costume, $99, Urban Outfitters

If you're going for a classic costume that never fails, we recommend this one from Urban Outfitters. 5. Black Slinky Dress

If you want to look festive but not wear a costume this dress is perfect for you!

6. Glow In The Dark Dress

This will definitely keep the party going all night long!

7. Cowgirl Boots

These boots will be a great addition to any cowgirl/cowboy outfit!

Happy Halloween!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy brands (7); Wix (1)

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