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Everything You Need At Your Girls Night-In Zoom Party

During these times we are definitely craving the presence of others. Even though we can't physically be with family and friends right now, we can still show up virtually. We want to plan a face time or zoom meeting with our gals asap!!

Hopefully some of the recipes below you already have in your kitchen to limit your trips to the store. But there are also some great delivery services you can look into too. Resources are limited, so it's time to get creative.

Set a time in your group chat now for your and all your favorite girls to get together. Some much needed girl time is going to help us get through these times!

The Drinks

1. Champagne Slushie

Photo & Recipe via: Julie Blanner

There used to be a great place in Savannah, GA that had the best sandwiches and champagne smoothies. Or chamoozie as we lovingly called them. Right now I only have frozen fruit and a small bottle of champagne. So this is a super easy go-to for me. But feel free to swap out wine for champagne if you have a wine quarantine collection.

2. Peach Wine Slushie

Photo & Recipe via: Marisa Moore

There's something about peaches that make us think of summer. Maybe it's all the fresh peaches we had access to growing up in Georgia. This recipe just requires white wine, sugar, and frozen peaches. But we are sure this recipe would be great with any frozen fruit you currently have in your freezer.

The Food

We figured fancy finger foods was the best way to go! Hopefully you already have some of these ingredients in your fridge! Lately we have been trying to make our meals stretch as long as they possibly can. So we like the idea of making appetizers, hopefully they'll serve as snacks for your zoom catch up with your friends and for the next few days.

1. Brie Apple And Honey Crostini

Photo & Recipe via: Two Peas And Their Pod

This recipe doesn't have too many ingredients and feel free to swop out the brie cheese for whatever cheese you already have! These snacks are very fancy, we can't wait to try! Hopefully they are a virtual crowd pleaser.

2. Mini Bacon Ranch Cheese Balls

Photo & Recipe via: Honey and Birch

Yummy and gourmet, also fairly simple to assemble! Plus an added bonus, it only calls for five ingredients.

If you aren't feeling making something try looking into your local delivery options for a treat yourself foodie moment.

The Activities

1. Head's Up App Game

A lot of this call will probably revolve around catching up with each other and finding out how everyone is doing. But just in case you are wanting to take your mind off of things and do something fun, we suggest playing Head's Up. It's available in the app store. This is such a perfect addition to a game night and is easy to do virtually too.

2. Virtual Dance Class

You could also plan your call around a virtual dance class on Instagram Live. Finish your talk with some dancing fun and a little calorie burning at the same time. Augusta has been really interested in trying Ryan Heffington's virtual Instagram class. Follow him on Instagram to see his work and his class schedule! It's seem like such a fun workout and a much needed stress relief/party moment with your friends.

Please enjoy your virtual catch-up. We hope these recipes and ideas sparked you scheduling a girls night in party SOON!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy blogs/brands (5); ryan.heffington/Instagram; Wix (1)

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