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A Guide To Finding Your 'Power Color'

People are very into personality quizzes, with the personality test du jour ever-rotating, it can honestly be difficult to keep up. While we'll play along to a certain extent — we're curious enough to find out what our Myers-Briggs Type is — we don't necessarily let the outcome of these tests dictate our lives, y'know? We get it. It's fun getting lost in our horoscopes (and you can find out all about your astrology alter ego and your "Life Number" if you're looking to have a real good time!) — but, we're firm believers that most of life's decisions should be based on how you're feeling, what mood you're in, what mood you want to be in and basically, just letting a good ol' fashioned check-in with yourself as opposed to what what your quiz outcome was or what's "written in the stars." And one such decision should most definitely be finding a power color.

If quizzes are your thing, there are plenty of tests you can take to help you navigate what color most suits your personality, but for us — it's definitely something we just innately knew.

For Darby, it was something she could feel in her bones. Pink is her COLOR. Not only is it her favorite color, but it also very much fits her fun and totally adorable personality and style. She feels her best when she wears it, and that's what a power color is all about!

Darby was in her element in this all-pink outfit at an all-pink restaurant:

Meanwhile, for me, it wasn't until recently that I stumbled upon my power color, which is bright, tangerine orange. Recently, I've been drawn to the color, and it was at one time a favorite color of mine growing up. I think I battled it back then because I wanted green to be my favorite color more (for whatever silly kid reason I had), but as an adult I'm able to accept that the color that makes me feel like a damn queen is orange, baby.

I've never felt more into bathroom mirror selfies than I do in this hue:

According to the ever in-tune with her feelings Jen Gotch, a power color is one that makes you feel empowered. So, whatever color makes you feel your best is certainly the one that you should wear and embrace as your power color (even if it's not your favorite color or you talk yourself out of it being your favorite color, or whatever the case).

For Gotch, she feels like her best self in a bright and sunny yellow:

"Yellow coveys the joy of living life in the moment. It is the color of high energy and enthusiasm, hope, fun, spontaneity and TrashDancing™️. Ok, I made the last part up, but even without the dancing it’s pretty fantastic and it continues to be my power color," she wrote on Instagram.

So, maybe your closet is filled with your power color already or maybe you never quite knew why that one dress always spoke to you the most. Take a look at what you already own and see if you notice a pattern emerging. If not, you may be still trying to find your power color, and that's ok, too. If that's the case, the fun has just begun! Go to a store and try on all.the.things. until you figure out what makes you feel like you.

When you do, you will have found your power color. And once you've found it — wear it loud and proud, friends. You do you.

Oh, and just so you know, it's totally acceptable for your power color to evolve and change over time. Repeat the process whenever you feel like a certain color just isn't doing it for you anymore. Sometimes things that once brought you joy just all of a sudden don't anymore, and that's when it's time to reexamine and reevaluate.

Let this power color lesson be a larger lesson for life, too. Seek what makes you feel your best, and don't ever settle for less!

What if your power color is a print, instead? Shop tie dye pieces we love if you think that could be the case!

—Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: L&L Originals (4); jengotch/Instagram (1)

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