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These Are The Best Bath Robes For Lounging Around In

Have you ever gotten out of the tub or shower and sat on your bed in your towel for so long that you basically had to shower a second time just to salvage your hair? Yep. Been there.

And honestly — we cherish these bathleisure moments and will choose to wear a robe and nothing else whenever possible. There's no shame in our post-shower game. That's for sure!

This is precisely why we've rounded up the best robes money can buy so that you can be about that robe lyfe, often.

Get the water running and get ready to never get dressed again!

1. Extreme Self-Care Robe

Extreme Self-Care Robe, $60, The Wing Store

We love that this robe literally says "extreme self-care" — just as a way of letting everyone know what mode you're in. K? K.

2. Trench Bath Robe

This towel looks exactly like a trench coat, so if you do roll out of bed and decide to head to the bodega to grab that box of brownie mix, after all — you're basically already dressed.

3. Linen Robe

Relaxed Linen Robe, $148.80, Coyuchi

We can't think of anything more luxe than lounging in linen. All you'll need next is to transport yourself somewhere tropical (or just pretend you're on a beach somewhere for an instant vacation!).

4. Slinky Robe

Oliver Kimono, $250, Sunday Forever

Whether you're eating breakfast and catching up on the news post-shower or, you know — scrolling through your phone and keeping yourself awake waaay past your bed time, this robe is for just being in.

5. Bath Sheet

Bath Sheet, $78, Weezie Towels

You know you're going straight from the bathroom to the bed, so might as well have attire that matches your forever mood. This towel is actually a "sheet." Yeah. You're welcome.

So, who's ready to bathe and then never leave the bed? Us too!

While you're in the mood to lounge in your towel — find out how to create a luxurious shower experience, too. When it comes to relaxation — girl, we got you.

—Labels and Lacuqer girls

Images: Photo by Pietra Schwarzler on Unsplash (1); Courtesy Brands (5)

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