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Smoothie Ice Cubes Make Mornings So Much Better

Making the perfect smoothie when you're rushed to get out of the door in the morning can be easier said than done. Sometimes there's too much ice, not enough protein powder to get you through until lunch time — the list of potential problems for this seemingly easy breakfast goes on and on. At least — that's the case for us. We're hoping we're not alone on that one...

But, thankfully — we found a really easy fix for getting the consistency of our smoothies just right each and every time. With a little prep the night before, your smoothie making tasks will be so easy in the morning. Thanks to a tip from Instagram, we found that freezing the base of your smoothie in an ice cube tray makes breakfast as easy as adding milk, blending and sipping away!

We've been mixing Naked Juice Green Machine smoothie drink, protein powder and coconut in an ice cube tray and freezing it overnight. Then, come morning we'll add oat milk and maybe an avocado slice or two or a banana if we're wanting an extra boost of protein, but it's definitely not necessary. Just a milk of choice and the ice cubes are enough to deliver a nice thick and cold smoothie. Plus, you can feel free to customize the smoothie ice cubes to include any combination of fruit, veggie or liquid base — so there's plenty of room to mix it up. No more boring breakfast for you!

This has been great for us in the mornings, and we hope it makes your days get off to a better start, too!

And if you're needing inspiration for smoothie recipes to make throughout the week, we highly recommend you give these summer-ready recipes a try. Enjoy!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Photo by Vitchakorn Koonyosying on Unsplash (1); L & L Originals (2)

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