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This Subtle Summer Sparkle Makeup Look Is Easy To Recreate

We love experimenting with makeup looks. However the easier the makeup look is to recreate, the better! With this look you only need to apply sparkle underneath your eye and throw on a little mascara. How easy and great for a summer night-out look?

If you really want to get creative you can even use highlighter under your eye instead of sparkle for a similar effect. This makeup inspiration photo we found only requires two products for your eyes. We suggest going ahead and following your routine to prep your normal makeup look. For us that typically means primer, cc cream, concealer, and powder. If you keep everything else minimal this makeup look really will pop.

It's time to get to sparkling! Keep scrolling to see your go-to summer products.

1. Liquid Shimmer Drops

Shimmer drops were just made for this look. The shimmer will be very easy to apply, just dab under your eye.

2. Shimmer Palette

This is an entire eye shadow shimmer palette. It's a simple as picking your favorite color and using your finger or brush to apply generously under your eye.

3. Mascara

This is our favorite mascara that is going to finish off the look.

Sparkle season is upon us. Get ready to shine all day long.

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--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy brands (3); maitetuset/Instagram (1)

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