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All The Anese Products That We Are Wanting To Try This Summer

We can't help but to see Anese products all over our Instagram. We aren't complaining either. The company is all about keeping it real. Whether it's showing stretch marks or selling boob masks, the brand isn't afraid to flaunt off the goodies in the name of self-care.

Sadly, we have yet to try any of their products. But we are looking to change that this summer! We think if we had to choose one product to try it would have to be That Booty Tho. However, we are interested in all of their products! We narrowed our Anese wishlist down to five products.

If you are new to this brand too, happy shopping! Or if you are already a fan, try something new!

1. That Booty Tho

This product is all the rage. We have tried scrubs before specifically for the booty. So we are curious to give this one a go. We also recently saw that you can use this product on your legs. I can't wait to test this to prevent any razor burn during the summer months.

2. F*ck Bad Vibes

Fuck bad vibes, $28, Anese

We want this product, well because f*ck bad vibes and we like the almond and sandalwood scent combo.

3. License to Chill

License To Chill, $32, Anese

We are always looking for anything to help us de-stress. This face mask is just what the doctor ordered.

4. Hold My Drink

Hold My Drink, $32, Anese

We can't get over these clever names! Plus anything with coconut, we are all over! We'll take about a dozen tubs of these babies!

5. Swipe Right

Swipe right, $38, Anese

Last but not least, we'll end this post with a moisturizer. Because a life motto we have is one can never have too many moisturizers.

That about covers our self-care summer wishlist!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Anese (5); (1)

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