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A Few Of The Labels and Lacquer Girls' Bedside Table Essentials

Your bedside table is pretty important. It's the last thing you see every night before you go to sleep and also the first thing you see every morning! That being said, it has to hold all of your essentials!

What everyone's bedside table holds can be different. It may have a few lip balms, lotions, your favorite books, etc. We thought it would be fun to share what exactly what we keep at our bed's at all times and what we wished we currently woke up to every morning.

Here's brief preview of what you are going to see below. We love CANDLES, scents are everything to us. The smells can make your home smell better and feel more like, well, home. We like setting the tone or mood of our bedroom with a candle. It is also very important to hydrate your skin before bed, whether that's with an overnight cream, facial spray, or chap stick.

1. Coconut Incense + Lighter Set

Coconut Incense Lighter Set, $18, Sunday Forever

We have discovered this brand called Sunday Forever. We truly loved all of their products! Sunday Forever was born to make everyday feel like a Sunday filled with good vibes and effortless fragrance, which is really all we want our bedrooms to be filled with too. This set comes with a lighter and incense that smell like toasted coconut.

2. Pink Candle

Pink Gold (almond + cake, $36, Sunday Forever

Another goodie from Sunday Forever!! There are so many candles we want to try from this brand. But, this is Darby's favorite at the moment.

3. Clear Skin Elixir

Clear Skin Elixir, $49, Averr Aglow

This is an overnight detox mask that is great for breakouts. The mask has smell notes of chamomile, tea tree, and bergamot to help you relax before bed. Ahh perfect, just what our bedside needed!

4. My Bucketlist Notebook

My Bucketlist, $34.99, Urban Outfitters

I like to keep this notebook by our bed as a reminder of our long dream to-do list we have to accomplish. At night, we can think of more to add to the list to be added in the morning.

5. Seaweed Night Cream

Mario Badescu, $22, Urban Outfitters

Put this on before bed for to wake up with ultra soft, moisturized skin. Good morning world!

6. Balm DotCom

Glossier Balm DotCom, $12, Glossier

Balm DotCom is one of our fave Glossier products. There are so many usages for this product in your beauty or night time routine. That is why it has made it to being a bedside essential for us!

7. Pillar Candle

You Glow Girl Pillar Candle, $14, Urban Outfitters

Just a little reminder to yourself annnd another candle.

8. Pink Faux Fur Pom Pen

Pink Faux Fur Pom, $4.99, Icing

This pen will come in handy to jot down any amazing thoughts or ideas you have in the middle of the night. Plus it can be the pen you use to write in your Bucket List notebook.

Well there you have it, a few of our bedside table essentials. Maybe you can add a few more to your table now too.

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy brands (8); Urban Outfitters (1)

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