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7 Remixes To The Classic Brownie

Okay, so we all love brownies. The ooey gooey chocolateness with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream on top is really the best dessert combo. It's a classic choice and it goes with any occasion.

But there are ways to elevate the brownie we all know and love. Say maybe adding oreos or raspberries, or both!! There is even a way to mash birthday cake (another classic favorite) with brownies. Desserts are always on our brain. When we saw a chance to try making the brownie better, our interests were sparked even more.

If you have a get together coming up or just feel like making an entire pan of brownies for yourself, here are seven recipes to make your day even sweeter. Prepare yourself for the ultimate chocolate pairings.

1. Confetti Cake Batter Brownies

Photo & Recipe via: Brooklyn Farm Girl

This just seems like a dream to me! Cake batter brownies? We didn't know this level of goodness existed in the world.

2. Cookies n' Cream Brownies

Photo & Recipe via: Together As Family

This seems like a no brainer combo! White chocolate and oreos were meant to be served with brownies.

3. Red Velvet Brownies

Photo & Recipe via: The Recipe Critic

Dare to be different? Make your brownies red and have yourself a red velvet treat- oh and don't forget the cream cheese.

4. Raspberry Oreo Brownies

Photo & Recipe via: Taming Twins

This combo, we had truly never thought of. Maybe raspberries with brownies, but the addition of oreos just makes us so happy.

5. Peanut Butter Snickers Cheesecake Brownies

Photo & Recipe via: Tidy Mom

This is a mouthful even just to type. We have never been more exciting to pre heat our oven and get to baking than with the idea of all of these goodies coming together.

6. Fudgy S'mores Brownies

Photo & Recipe via: Mandy's Recipe Box Blog

All we need is a campfire and we'll be all set! We'll bring the snacks.

7. Churro Crème Brûlèe Bars

Photo & Recipe via: Tablespoon

And last but certainly not least.... churro crème Brûlèe Bars!!! The cinnamon and creme is just what our sweet tooth was asking for.

Switch up your typical dessert night with these fun recipes! Enjoy!

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--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy blogs (7)

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