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Fun Cocktails For Your Next Pajama Party

Image via: Camille Styles

The weekend is finally here! Whoo hoo! Time to get some major relaxing in, before the busy work week starts again. Enough talking about what’s to come on Monday, we want to celebrate this Friday-Sunday!

Invite all your girls over and throw a little pajama party! We are never too old for a little pajama party. Now that we are officially adults- the best addition to a sleepover is fun cocktails.

We did some Pinterest searching to find the drinks that will work at any girl’s night in. For us we like dessert drinks. So keep scrolling for a cinnamon roll drink and a liquid oreo. Yes, we did that! Enjoy! Grown-up slumber party here we come!

1. Chocolate White Russian

Image and Recipe via: Basil and Bubbly

This looks so so good. We didn't think it got any better than a White Russian. That is--until you add chocolate!

2. Red Velvet Cake Martini

Image and Recipe via: 3 Yummy Tummies

Red velvet cake is one of our fave desserts, so we think we would like drinking it too!

3. Tiramisu Martini

Image and Recipe via: The Cookie Rookie

We needed to add another dessert martini to the list.

4. Champagne Soaked Gummy Bears

Image and Recipe via: The Skinny Fork

This isn't technically a drink. But champagne soaked gummy bears will definitely get the party started.

5. Cinnamon Roll Cocktail

Image and Recipe via: Farm Wife Kids

Maybe whip up a batch of cinnamon rolls to go with this cocktail. This drink is fit for an all day PJ party, that starts in the A.M.

6. Liquid Oreos

Image and Recipe via: Rachael Ray Magazine

Grab your favorite jammies and get ready!

--Labels and Lacquer Girls

Images: Courtesy brands (6); Camille Styles (1)

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