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5 Ways to Have A New Year’s Eve Inspired Bubble Bath

T-minus 2 days till the New Year. It’s time to start celebrating. We’ll be going to see a firework show in our most festive party outfits. Before you get all dressed up, you should take a second to relax with a bubble bath.

We think the celebration should start early with a New Year’s Eve inspired bath. That’s right everything champagne and confetti themed. From champagne bubble bath to a confetti filled bath bomb, we know how you can have your own private party.

If you don’t get a chance before 2016, you can start the year off by pampering yourself. And besides I think champagne bubble bath is always acceptable!

Pop the champagne, pour the bubbly into the tub, and start your night off right.

1. Champagne Campaign

Kate Aspen Champagne Bubbles, $12.19, Target

Champangne bottle bubble bath, uhhh, how amazing?

2. Pink Champagne Bubbly

Pink Champagne Bubble Bath, $19.05, eBay

I love that this bubble bath is pink!!

3. Bath Confetti

Bath Confetti, $6.00, Etsy

This is sure to get the party started!

4. Multi-Colored Party Confetti

Multi Bath Confetti, $3.50, Etsy

It's time to celebrate, throw some of this confetti into your next bubble bath!

5. Confetti Bath Bomb