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5 Ways to Have A New Year’s Eve Inspired Bubble Bath

T-minus 2 days till the New Year. It’s time to start celebrating. We’ll be going to see a firework show in our most festive party outfits. Before you get all dressed up, you should take a second to relax with a bubble bath.

We think the celebration should start early with a New Year’s Eve inspired bath. That’s right everything champagne and confetti themed. From champagne bubble bath to a confetti filled bath bomb, we know how you can have your own private party.

If you don’t get a chance before 2016, you can start the year off by pampering yourself. And besides I think champagne bubble bath is always acceptable!

Pop the champagne, pour the bubbly into the tub, and start your night off right.

1. Champagne Campaign

Champangne bottle bubble bath, uhhh, how amazing?

2. Pink Champagne Bubbly

I love that this bubble bath is pink!!

3. Bath Confetti

Bath Confetti, $6.00, Etsy

This is sure to get the party started!

4. Multi-Colored Party Confetti

It's time to celebrate, throw some of this confetti into your next bubble bath!

5. Confetti Bath Bomb

Confetti Bath Bomb, $4.95, Etsy

Confetti will explode out of this bath bomb at midnight. It really doesn't get any better than that!

Up your bubble bath game in 2016, but starting with your New Year's Eve bath!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy brands (5); Wix (1); DanWatson/Unsplash (1)

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