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Eggnog Cinnamon Rolls Make For The Perfect Christmas Morning

Christmas morning is the best morning out of the entire year, so when it comes to breakfast— you’ve got to do it right. The Labels and Lacquer girls wake up early, (though, not too early) to open gifts, and we’re so excited that we definitely don’t need any more sugar, but we still load up on candy from our stockings, Christmas cookies, coffee and of course, these delicious eggnog cinnamon rolls.

I found the recipe on the Half Baked Harvest blog last year, and now everyone is requesting that I make them again this year. They are a perfectly festive way to celebrate Christmas, and I highly recommend that everyone give them a try. I know I certainly don’t mind repeating the recipe this year!

They’re not hard to make, it’s just a bit of a process because you have to allow the yeast plenty of time to rise. That’s easier said than done because I’m not particularly patient, but if you want the dough to be just right— it’s a crucial step.

Once the dough is ready you sprinkle cinnamon and brown sugar along the dough, add white chocolate chips, and roll it into a log. You use dental floss to get just the right size and shape of cinnamon rolls. It sounds kind of weird, but I promise, it works great.

Check out some photos from Half Baked Harvest and visit their website for the full recipe. Get ready to have your Christmas breakfast plans sorted because this will feed a lot of people or just a few (which means even more for you!). No matter the size of your family, you’re sure to have them pleased with this sweet, eggnog flavored treat. Enjoy!

Here's where the floss comes in handy. How amazing does this look, by the way? Can it be Christmas already?

You can see those white chocolate chips poiking through. Mmm. Mmm. Mmm. Eggnog and white chocolate is the best combo.

White chocolate and eggnog combine in the frosting, too. Annnnd now I'm drooling.

Serve this up to make your Christmas all the more merry. How can you not have a great day with a breakfast this good, you know?

I don't know about you, but I'm so excited to have this for breakfast on Christmas morning. Happy holidays, everyone!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Half Baked Harvest (4)

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