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Crafts To Get Excited About: Tinsel Edition

On day 625 and day 1,542 of self quarantine I scrolled on Pinterest for hours. Not really but sometimes this self isolation from the world, there isn't much of a concept of time. It either flys by or stands still. It's an unsettling feeling, but on a lighter note I wanted to share with you one of my Pinterest finds.

In college, I (Darby) was very into tinsel. I used it a lot as inspiration and then physically with my senior fashion thesis my final year at art school. I guess you can say my love of tinsel followed me well into adulthood. Lately I've been interested in how I could include it into my interior decor. I found an image of a tinsel chandelier (pictured above). That instantly think "how can I have this? Can I make it? Is this easy to make myself?"

It turns out there is a place to buy this tinsel chandelier for only $25?! That definitely a bargain for one of the coolest lighting fixtures I've ever seen. So if you want to buy it we understand. But if you are looking for a crafting project to help pass some time, we found a DIY chandelier blog post. We are thinking about trying it and of course substituting tinsel instead of fringe used in the post.

DIY Chandelier Blog Post

Photo and DIY Blog post via: Studio DIY

If you click on the post the project requires seven items and one hour of your time. We recommend using tinsel. But hey, this is your crafting project so choose whatever medium you're feeling!

If you're feeling inspired to add a little tinsel into your space but aren't necessarily feeling a crafting project at the moment. No worries, we have you covered:

Three Tier Chandelier, $25.49, Shindigz

This tiered chandelier is available at a party store website. It comes in silver or gold!

We hope this post gets you excited and inspired to start something new! Have fun crafting!

--Labels & Lacquer girls

Images: Pinterest (1); Studio DIY (1); Courtesy brand (1)

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