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6 Matcha Recipes That Will Have You Craving More Matcha

Maybe it's because summer is right around the corner and we're looking to drink as many iced beverages as possible (and hopefully, not ALL of them will be coffee), maybe it's because we're obsessed with the bright green color or maybe it's because we're just plain craving it — but for whatever reason, we've had matcha on the brain.

So, when it came time to restock on protein powder for smoothies and more — we had to purchase Tone It Up's Matcha Latte flavor. That way, we could get all of the matcha flavor we've been hankering for and sneak a little protein in, too. That's the best of both worlds right there!

Whether you, like us, get matcha-flavored protein powder (we highly recommend it!) or get actual matcha tea, you'll be able to put it into some yummy recipes pretty much interchangeably considering the protein powder and the tea are basically the same consistency!

So, once you're stocked with the matcha of choice, these are some incredible recipes you can make with it throughout the summer and beyond!

1. Matcha Muffins

Recipe and photo via: Tone It Up

Swap out the vanilla protein powder in this recipe for the matcha protein powder or follow this recipe exactly. Either way — you'll wind up with healthy, matcha-flavored muffins that will be a great start to your morning!

2. Matcha Waffles

Recipe and photo via: Fit Mitten Kitchen

We love the idea of combining subtle matcha with blueberries that are bursting with flavor. And considering these are made with whole wheat flour and non-dairy milk, you can consider these a guilt-free treat. Serve 'em up for breakfast or as a dessert with a scoop of non-dairy ice cream on top. YUM!

3. Iced Coconut Water Matcha

Recipe and photo via: Catching Seeds

By simply combining coconut water and matcha (or matcha protein powder), you'll create the ultimate refreshing beverage to have when it's hot out! Plus, if you go the protein-packed route, this drink will be the ultimate treat after an intense workout!

4. Matcha Ice Cream

Recipe and photo via: What Great Grandma Ate

I scream, you scream — we all scream for matcha ice cream! This "ice cream" has the added bonus of being made with frozen bananas, so it's a healthy alternative to ice cream, but also requires no churning! So, here's to easy and delicious homemade ice cream!

5. Matcha Popsicles

Recipe and photo via: Heart of a Baker

Move over mint chocolate chip! And make way for matcha and dark chocolate chip because this is a new flavor combo you're sure to love! This recipe is conveniently packed into popsicle molds so you can carry this deliciousness with you wherever you go! Just be sure to eat it all before it melts — because you won't want to waste a drop of this stuff!

6. Matcha Granola Bars

Recipe and photo via: Beautiful Eats & Things

We've got a sweet spot for granola bars, considering they're the perfect on-the-go snack. And now that we know you can add matcha or matcha protein powder to this no-bake recipe — our obsession might have gotten a little more out of control! Bring on the munch-able matcha, people!

Can't get enough of this tea? These recipes should help satiate your cravings! Because sometimes you just need more matcha!

And if you happen to be in love with coconut milk as much as we are during the summertime — check out some of our favorite recipes using coconut milk next.

—Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy Blogs (6)

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