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Scents You Need In Your Home This Summer Season

Darby and I recently visited Bath & Body Works and made sure not to leave until we had smelled ALL of the candles. Not exaggerating here, either. And we each left with a scent or two that we just couldn't get enough of because we're firm believers that scents can help you transport yourself. So, if you're not able to take a vacation or you just wish your get away could last all summer long — strike a match and get ready to feel like you're some place exotic.

Scents filled with notes of coconut, sweet and sour citrus and more will have you in the summertime spirit all season long. So, add these candles to your cart and burn, baby, burn!

1. Tan Lines

Tanlines Candle, $46, Sunday Forever

We've had the pleasure of smelling this in person and boy, does it smell amazing! According to the product description, this smells like "summer and suntans," and we'd say that's accurate! In other words, you're going to want to start burning this for an instant OOO beach feeling.

2. Island Margarita

Island Margarita Candle, $8, Bath & Body Works

Wish you were on a beach somewhere, margarita in-hand? A few sniffs of this will have you feeling that much closer! This is one of the scents we walked away with from Bath & Body Works, and yes — it smells as good as you imagine!

3. Mermaid Life

Mermaid Life Candle, $24.50, Bath & Body Works

Mermaid life is the best life! This candle smells like "coastal waves" and "sun-drenched musk," so all we can say is — sign us up! Because seriously. We wish we could be part of a world that smells like this!

4. Ice Cream Sandwich

DW Home has created an entire line that will have you reminiscing about everything you loved about summertime as a kid. Ice cream sandwiches were a summer staple for us growing up — so the chance to smell this in our own homes, ice cream sandwich in-hand? Now, that's a luxury we just can't resist!

5. Beach Cottage

Beach Cottage Candle, $29.95, Homesick Candles

This candles offers everything you love about a cozy beach cottage. The smell of a morning storm, the waves hitting the shore and your morning cup of coffee. What more could you ask for?

6. Grilled Peaches

Grilled Peaches & Vanilla, $5, Yankee Candle

Our grandma used to make homemade peaches 'n cream ice cream that we'd eat on the porch during the summertime. A candle that can transport us back there again is well worth the money — especially considering this one's on sale for just $5 right now!

Are you ready to take in all of the smells summer has to offer thanks to these deliciously scented candles? We'll certainly take one of each, please!

If you're loving our scent curation — be sure to check out all of the scents that made last year's list, too! Because these never get old!

— Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy Brands (6)

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