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Cocktails To Have This Memorial Day Weekend

The months leading up to summer are really flying by! We truly can't believe it's about to be Memorial Day weekend. But we don't mind at all that the summer months are practically here. To us, the summer means there are more hours with sunlight and more time for happy hours!

To celebrate the holiday, we wanted to highlight cocktail recipes that we can't wait to try this Summer '19. We may not make it to the beach as often as we'd like, but we can pretend we are a tropical getaway with these cocktails in hand!

Pour yourself a glass. Cheers!

1. Summertime Lemonade

Photo & Recipe via: Honey and Lime Co.

Nothing quite hits the spot like a glass of lemonade, especially with the refreshing addition of strawberries and mint.

2. Pineapple Mango Rum Punch

Photo & Recipe via: Paper & Stitch Blog

We can just picture ourselves sipping on this on an exotic beach somewhere. Take us away!

3. Pink Señorita Cocktail

Photo & Recipe via: Super Man Cooks

This drink is perfect for your next fiesta.

4. Peach Frosé

Photo & Recipe via: Le Petit Eats

We love a good frosé recipe. We can't wait to try this white peach version!! We're pulling our blenders out as we type.

5. Coconut Grapefruit Margarita

Photo & Recipe via: Pizzazzerie

Augusta's go-to drink is a classic margarita. But we are excited for the addition of coconut and grapefruit to this classic favorite!

6. Strawberry Tequila Soda

Photo & Recipe via: Sugar and Charm

Sign us up for this drink on the rocks!

7. A Day At The Beach

Photo & Recipe via: Chow Hound

The only thing we need to enjoy this drink is our beach towel and sunscreen. We'll be ready for our day at the beach with this drink in hand!

8. Pink Champagne Margarita

Photo & Recipe via: The Adventure Bite

Ring in the summer season with some bubbly!

Happy summer!