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6 Ways To Update Your Home For Spring

Ahh, springtime! The season where everything starts to come alive again. From regrowth on all of the trees and plants to the shedding of layers mentally and physically — bye, bye bulky sweaters — now's the time to leave behind anything that's been dragging you down and become a little lighter.

When it comes to your home, you're going to want to clear away the cobwebs, literally and figuratively, to fully embrace the season and soak in all that spring has to offer. From the pastel color palette to the freshness in and all around, there are plenty of ways you can bring the spring season indoors in a way that will liven up your space and help you rediscover what you love about your home in the first place.

This is something we've been focused on in our own homes as we've begin changing out accents (and finally removing that winter decor!) and adding fresh flowers and plants to our apartments. These are just some of the ways we're working to refresh our space this season, and we hope they'll help you update your living quarters into a space you'll really flourish in this spring — and all year long, really!

1. Freshen Up

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Once you've cleaned and organized, it's time to infuse the spirt of spring into your home with some fresh scents. Fruity and floral candles will give your space and instant springtime feeling each and every time you strike a match, and you'll surely enjoy the feeling it brings when these smells fill your home all season long.

2. Get A Taste Of Something New

You can always tell what season it is based on what we've got going in the kitchen. Each season brings in new flavors that are ripe and ready for the eating. Even mixing up your go-to morning coffee by adding some lavender could be all you need to get some pep in your step.

3. Go Green

Whether you fill vases with fresh flowers or bring a new houseplant into your home for good, you can't go wrong by bringing something green and growing into your life this spring. It'll really help you embrace the season and fresh plants are bound to boost your mood!

4. Give Yourself Room To Grow

This can mean de-cluttering, but also giving yourself space to practice yoga, to paint, to sit and read or whatever will help you grow this spring season. Feed your mind, your spirit and more by giving yourself a dedicated space to thrive in your home.

5. Brighten Things Up With Color

Throw pillows, rugs and blankets are all great ways to incorporate color into your area. So, pick a color that makes you smile and find a way to add it to each and every room in your home.

6. Let The Light In

I always neglect to open the curtain in the bedroom — I can barely manage to make up the bed each day. But, since spring rolled around I've been making way more of an effort to pull back the curtain each and every day. Letting the light in really changes the space and also helps to boost my mood.

These tips should help you fully embrace the season and make your home the perfect spot to nurture your growth — and it doesn't get more fitting for spring than that.

Find our tips to making the perfect spring brunch here in case you just can't get enough of the season!

Happy spring, folks!

—Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy Brand (1); L&L Original (1); Photo by Julie Johnson on Unsplash (1); Photo by Lena Bell on Unsplash (1); Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash (1); Photo by Eduard Militaru on Unsplash (1)

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