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Organization Is Self-Care

The other day I sent Augusta a photo of my organized pantry when I was all finished. I was pretty proud of myself. I just ordered airtight food containers. They are clear containers that came with chalk board stickers so you can label your foods neatly, while also helping keep your food fresh. I wanted to eliminate the boxes that held my food (like pasta boxes for example) to declutter my shelves. She texted back "organization is self-care." And it really is. Self-care is so much more face masking, all though that is still very important. It helps us decompress while preparing for the week ahead. A clean organized apartment helps us feel accomplished knowing we have our apartments, therefore our lives in order.

Beyond organizing your pantry, there are several ways storage can benefit you! You can start with your kitchen or branch out to closet storage for starters. There are really no limits when it comes to getting things in order. It's a little early for spring cleaning, but why not get a jumpstart?

One of our favorite past times is going to one of the many Container Store locations in New York. The last time I went I was getting storage cubes to tidy up my closet. Augusta was looking for cute hanging folder units to organize her mail, loose documents, and magazines. Even finding the proper place for minor things can be a de-stressor.

1. Pantry Storage

The set I got from Amazon was actually an 11-piece set. But it didn't come with a chalkboard marker. This kit comes with a marker to write on the labels, which is going to save you a second purchase. Feel free to browse Amazon for even more options!

2. Coffee Bar Storage

Coffee Tea Sugar Jars, $25.49, Target

Your coffee and sugar deserves to have their own spot too!

3. Under The Sick Storage

Bathroom Cabinet Starter Kit, $89.96, The Container Store

This is next level organization. But we think it's worth it if organization makes you feel better about the stressful week ahead.

4. Makeup Storage

Luxe Acrylic Makeup Storage, $59.98, The Container Store

A perfect way to store your makeup for your vanity. If you don't have a vanity, it will still declutter your counter space.

5. Shoe Organization

Utility Shoe Storage, $81.20, The Container Store

Finding shoe space is smaller apartments is a big problem. We're hoping these will help you like they've helped us.

6. Closet Storage Cubes

Braider Storage Cube with Handles, $39.99, The Container Store

This is a really decorative way to organize various items in your closet, bedroom, or living room.

7. Drawer Organization

Stackers Drawers Organizers, $11.99-$17.99, The Container Store

This is a lifesaver for folding clothes like sweaters or t-shirts that you don't usually fold.

8. Magazine Storage

Wall Pocket, $21.99, The Container Store

This is a great place to hold magazines or junk mail.

A tidy home is good for the soul. We hope you love this items and spend the weekend with extra self-care time.

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy brands (7), L & L Original (1)

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