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Facial Roller And Sheet Mask Combos You Need To Try Now

We may be a little late to the party, but we've recently discovered the joys of face masking (yes, it's a verb!) while facial rolling. And WOW. Is this the ultimate act of self-love or what? There's seriously nothing more relaxing than letting that roller glide across your face while you soak in all of the goodness a sheet mask has to offer. Plus, multi-tasking like this is doing double-duty for our skincare routine, and you won't hear us complaining about that!

In case you're new to the whole facial rolling scene, too — I mean, sure it's popular on Instagram, but, like, what does it actually do? Allow us to fill you in. According to Ling Chan, an esthetician and the owner of the facial-specializing Ling Skincare spa, who spoke with Fashionista, facial rollers work wonders for facial muscles, much like an actual massage! Plus, the gentle pressure applied while rolling this all over your face promotes circulation, which will lead to fuller, younger looking skin in the end. Seriously. SIGN. US. UP.

Facial rollers tend to be made out of certain stones, such as Jade or Rose Quartz, which can supposedly have healing properties of their own. I recently used my Rose Quartz facial roller with a charcoal sheet mask and could really tell a difference in the clarity and firmness of my skin the next day — so this got me thinking — maybe different face mask and roller combos can have different effects for the skin. Some might make the face brighter, some might hep with acne. With so many options — which one is right for you?

We've selected some of our favorite pairings below to help you choose:

1. A Calming Combo

Amethyst Facial Roller, $40, Aquarian Soul

Tea Tree Sheet Mask, $1.90, Forever 21

The Amethyst facial roller is said to have healing and cleansing powers and abilities to balance out the high and low emotional centers so that you can reach full zen. Pair this with a lightly scented tea tree face mask, and you'll be feeling calmer in no time.

2. A Clarifying Combo

Rose Quartz Roller, $28, Shopbop

UO Metallic Foil Mask, $3, Urban Outfitters

Rose Quartz is said to reduce stress and get you in the mood for unconditional love. Meanwhile, charcoal is drawing toxins out of your skin, so this combo will get all of that negative stuff (energy and otherwise) cleared out!

3. A Stress-Reducing Combo

Jade Facial Roller, $30, Sephora