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Things To Buy Yourself For Valentine's Day

Whether you're in a relationship or not, you always deserve to buy yourself nice things! With Valentine's Day right around the corner is time to show yourself how much you truly care and appreciate well, you! We have declared 2019 the year of self-care, which definitely includes surprising yourself with presents!

Valentine's day is an opportune time to put this self-care act into action! Show yourself how much you truly love yourself! You can send yourself flowers, buy heart set box of chocolates, or a large teddy bear will do. If you want to steer clear of the Valentine's Day clichés, keep reading to see a few of our own selections.

We are going to snap a thing or two from the list for ourselves, too! We'll take some of our own advice! Happy Valentine's Day, ladies!

1. Bake Yourself A Cake

Photo & Recipe via: A Cozy Kitchen

We think this strawberry cake from A Cozy Kitchen will do the trick! How cute?! All you need now is a heart-shaped pan.

2. Undies and Sleep Mask Set

Paradise Panty and Sleep Mask Set, $78, Larissa Kate Lingerie

How could you not have sweet dreams with this undies and sleep mask set?

3. Personalized Robe

The Kit Shortie Rob, $125, Sunday Forever

We are in love with the kimonos from Sunday Forever! Plus you can get them monogramed for an additional $25. Then you can rep your fave girl (yourself) all of the time!

4. Candle

Lover Boy Candle, $38, Sunday Forever

Sunday Forever just came out with a new scent! One of the ingredients it is described to smell like is, duh, a lover boy!

5. Perfume

Bombshell Luxe Fragrance Scent, $29.99, Victoria's Secret

We were just going to look for perfume that would make a good gift, but we figured it was best to go all out and get a whole fragrance set, you bombshell!

6. Chocolate And Wine Pairing Set

Chocolate & Wine Pairing Kit, $50, Uncommon Goods

You don't have to buy a box of chocolate, when you can buy an entire kit dedicated to the best chocolate to pair with wine! Thank you Uncommon Goods!

7. Face Masks

7-Day Mask Challenge Set, $25, Soko Glam

With this sheet mask set you can have facial for every day of the week! Valentine's Day can be a week-long celebration.

Treat yo' self Valentine's Day 2019 edition with extra gifts! Xoxo

Ready to see a whole post dedicated to chocolate desserts to indulge in this Valentine's Day? Check out this post!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy brands (7); element5digital/unsplash (1)

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