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How To Throw A Glamorous Pajama Party

We don't know about you but pajama days are our favorite days! You don't necessarily have to stay in bed all day when you wear your jammies. (even though we typically do on our pajama days) You can also get chic sleeping attire to invite people over for a glamorous night in, and be in the comfiest outfit possible.

We were thinking the other day why do pajama parties have to stop when you grow up? You can still wear your best pjs to host people and serve sophisticated food and drinks when you're older. The night would be complete with the finest hors d'oeuvres and champagne. Or we welcome your own interpretation of your fave snacks to this black tie pajama event.

Invite everyone over with their favorite chic pair of pajamas. When it came to picking out what pajamas we would want to wear it was easy for us! We instantly thought of The Daily Sleeper Holiday collection which recently launched.

1. The Pajamas

Black Tie Pajama Set, $265, The Daily Sleeper

Black tie pajamas is the dress code for this event.

2. The Shoes

These heeled slippers will match your outfit without stealing its thunder!

3. The Appetizers

We were thinking a very cosmopolitan meat and cheese platter, complete with the french cheese. Something consisting of a lot of brie and gruyere. Head to your grocery store or local deli and got to town in the cheese/deli section.

4. The Drinks— Sparkling Negroni

Photo & Recipe via: The Crepes of Wrath

Dance the (PJ) night away with a glass of sparkling negroni in hand!

If you are ready for a fun night in, we suggest this black tie pajama party!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy blogs (1); Wix (1); Courtesy brands (2)

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