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10 Cookie Recipes To Bake For Your Cookie Swap Party

Christmas time is officially the season of some many things: giving, magic, and cookies! If you are going to any type of holiday parties this season, cookies are always welcome. We always love when people come together and share their favorite family cookies recipes with a crowd.

If that occasion happens this season, we wanted you to be prepared with some yummy recipes in your cookie repertoire. Some of these recipes are really easy, others will take some preparation time. But we promise the end results will be totally worth it!

Tis the season of holiday parties! What you bring is just as important as your outfit!

1. Chocolate Kiss Powder Puff Cookies

Photo & Recipe via: Averie Cooks

These cookies with kisses are always a crowd favorite. At least we can't wait to have a little Hershey's kisses surprise on the inside.

2. Sugar Cookies

Photo & Recipe via: Southern Living—My Recipes

In our personal opinion, sugar cookies are the cookies of Christmas. We know we have our go-to recipe that we make every year that we decorate with frosting and lots of sprinkles!

3. Praline Cookies

Photo & Recipe via: Southern Living— My Recipes

We are Southern girls at heart. So we love pralines. We love paying homage with cooking Southern food and in cookie form.

4. Brown Sugar Pecan Cookie

Photo & Recipe via: The Recipe Label

Here is another pecan cookie recipe! You can never have too many!

5. Hot Chocolate Cookie Cups

Photo & Recipe via: The Gunny Sack

Okay we think these cookies win the award for being the cutest!

6. Oreo Snowmen

Photo & Recipe via: The Girl Who Ate Everything

We love making Oreo truffles. We haven't tried this recipe before, but something about these snowmen tell us we're going to like it!

7. Chocolate Cookies n' Cream Marshmallow Cookies

Photo & Recipe via: Creme de la Crumb

This one sweet treat is mingling several desserts in one! You can't beat that.

8. Chocolate Chunk-Mocha Cookies

Photo & Recipe via: Southern Living— My Recipes

If you're friends and family love chocolate, this is the perfect cookie for you to prepare!

9. Peppermint Crunch Sugar Cookie

Photo & Recipe via: Hot Beauty Health

We had to throw in a recipe with peppermint into this mix!

10. Gingerbread Cookies

Photo & Recipe via: The Kitchen McCabe

Last, but certainly not least, is gingerbread cookies!

It's time to deck the halls with cookies!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Maybe you can have a cookie and soup party! See extra cozy soup recipes here.

Images: Courtesy blogs (11)

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