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Weekend In NYC? Maison Pickle Is Worth The Visit

If you're looking for something fun to do while you're in New York for the weekend — add Maison Pickle to the list! This is a spot we've been wanting to try since we first saw that they have a 24-layer chocolate cake on the dessert menu — and we finally stopped by to test this deliciousness once and for all.

We chose to swing by on a Friday night, and the restaurant proved to be a popular spot to other locals and visitors, too. When we left around 8 p.m., the restaurant was pretty busy — but considering we arrived shortly after 6 p.m., we didn't have to wait for a table. So, word to the wise — the earlier you can come by, the better.

We were seated in a relatively quiet, secluded spot upstairs that overlooked a crowded bar area. There was a glow from a pink neon sign that read "Upper West Side" reflecting off of the black subway tiles, and overall — the place had a very New York feel. So, no complaints here!

The cocktail menu's pretty extensive, so you're bound to find something you'll like. We each got different drinks and were quite pleased with our choices! Darby's (the tall one in the photo below) was especially delicious, and it was called The Razzle — so that's extra fun.

It was tricky to choose a menu item as so many of the options sounded amazing. I mean — chicken and toast, french dip sandwiches, mac 'n cheese?? What's a food lover to do? We settled on a classic patty melt and a french dip with a side of fries cooked in duck fat. YUM.

The food was absolutely delicious. Those patty melts reminded us of much, much more elevated versions of the meal we used to order from Waffle House when we were growing up, which only proves that this place knows the way to a southern girl-living-in-NYC's heart.

Once we had practically stuffed ourselves with dinner — it was time for dessert. This is the kind of thing you order whether you saved room or not. Trust us.

The cake is 24 layers of chocolate cake and chocolate icing, and yes — it's as tall as it looks here and as delicious as you might imagine.

We had to take some of it to go, but that means we'll get to eat it as a late night snack/whenever we need to be reminded of the goodness we experienced at dinner — meaning that this meal can be experienced over and over again. Yes, please!

As far as NYC dinners go — this has been one of the best we've had so far, and we highly recommend. Cafe Lalo (where Meg Ryan waits to meet NY152, but he never shows) is also in the same neighborhood, so if you're in for some post-cake coffee be sure to stop by there, too!

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— Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: maisonpickle/Instagram (1); L & L Originals (4)

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