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Halloween Cocktails For Your Spooky Soirée

Nothing says grown-up Halloween quite like spooky cocktails. It's totally okay to keep dressing up and get all into the Halloween mindset even past your trick or treating days. As an adult the best way to get into the festivities is to serve Halloween inspired cocktails at your party or even just to accompany your candy and "Hocus Pocus" screening.

No tricks in this post. Only treats! We think we have all of the Halloween bases covered too. There are vampires, witches, and goblins inspired drinks ... oh my!

These cocktails won't be the only spirits in the air this October 31st.

1. Bloody Vampire

Photo & Recipe via: Simply Darrling

Vampires are always in season!

2. Witches Brew

Photo & Recipe via: Homemade Hooplah

This is the perfect refuel before having to fly around all night.

3. Devil's Sangria

Photo & Recipe via: Cravings Of A Lunatic

We like any kind of sangria. Period. The main ingredient is cranberry; we think this drink is going to transition into Thanksgiving flawlessly.

4. The Haunted Orchard

Photo & Recipe via: Half Baked Harvest

We're loving how spooky the name of this drink is. And you can't go wrong when you mix apples, cider, and tequila together.

5. The Blackbeard

Photo & Recipe via: Honestly Yum

The color of this drink intrigued us to learn what this recipe was. This drink is perfect for serving a sophisticated crowd.

6. Hard Cider Pumpkin Float

Photo & Recipe via: Dine and Dish

You had us at pumpkin float!!

7. Goblin Goo Cocktail

Photo & Recipe via: A Cork Fork and Passport

This goblin drink is easy to make and only has four ingredients.

Have fun choosing one of these drinks to have this Halloween!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy blogs (7); JonTyson/Unsplash (1)

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