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How To Have The Perfect Movie Night At Home

I recently got a projector and screen for my apartment!! *Squeals* I have seriously wanted one of these since I was in middle school. Just the idea of watching our favorite T.V. shows on such a big screen made me so happy! Almost everyday I would bring it up to my family that I thought it was the best idea. I would research and print out different projectors to show and review with them. We never ended up getting one. But those babies have still been in my head, which is why I decided to get a projector over a T.V. for my apartment.

Don't get us wrong large T.V.s are still great! But with projectors you can get such a large viewing screen for a much more affordable price!

Augusta came over the other night for us to watch something and honestly it was so exciting, we had been dreaming of watching movies/TV on a projector for quite a long time. Keep reading to see how to make any room in your home— a media room!

1. The Projector

I did a little research to find an affordable option with good reviews. The projector is compact and does the job quite well. I think the picture quality is great and we would recommend! I found the exact projector I have on Amazon for an even cheaper price! Better snatch it up now.

2. The Screen

Yes, this is classroom style! The screen pulls down and everything, back to the days of watching videos in school. It is worth every penny because it just rolls back up and does not take up any space unless you are watching the projector. This screen is 72" and in my opinion the perfect size. But feel free to buy smaller or larger options.

3. HDMI Connector

This item isn't super exciting, but it is essential. To connect your laptop/other electronics you'll need an HDMI Connector if you don't already have one. The projector comes with an HDMI cord.

4. The Snacks

Blockbuster Movie Care Package, $45.99, Overstock

This bundle is called the "Blockbuster Movie Care Package." Ahh don't you miss Blockbuster days?! Why don't you go crazy with your snack game and buy this care package.

5. The Candle

Hot Cocoa & Cream, $12.95, Bath & Body Works

We decided to go with a "Fall" scented candle, since we are so excited for autumn season! We burned this candle during our last movie sesh and it smells soo good!

6. The Twinkle Lights

Firefly String Lights, $24, Urban Outfitters

This will just add dreamy touches to your next movie night.

We love a good pajama day! If you want to elevate your next pj day like we did, shop these movie night products now.

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Want to see even more snacks to go with your next movie night. We found healthy snacks for you, click here.

Images: Courtesy brands (6); Spell & Gypsy Collective Pinterest (1)

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