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Eye Masks To Help Detox Right Now

Everyone needs to have a little me-time from time to time. It is okay to take care of yourself and have a full detox session. For us, we like to do that in form of trying out new beauty products. Recently Darby is trying out a new face wash routine from Paula's Choice and loving it. With the skin-care kit there was a free gift that you put on under your eyes before bed. I've been really loving that last step and thought it would be fun to research other under eye products.

A lot of what I found revolves around eye masks. We remember growing up and our mom keeping an eye gel mask in the refrigerator. She would let us take it out from time to time and wear it around the house.

These eye masks are not only relaxing but usually also have anti-aging benefits. Keep reading below to see which masks you're going to be wearing for your next pampering session.

1. KNC Beauty Eye Mask

Infused Eye Mask, $40, Net A Porter

We can't get over how fun the shape of these eye patches. It actually looks like a shooting star. You can let wear these for 10-15 mins, 3 to 4 times a week.

2. Steam Eye Mask

A’Pieu Steam Eye Mask, $3, Urban Outfitters

This eye masks actually heats up. How cool? The heat should last up to thirty minutes. Um hello spa day at home?

3. Cucumber De-Tox Eye Mask

Be as cool as a cucumber in these cucumber detox eye patches.

4. Wake Me Eye Patches

We can't wait to slip these eye patches on while we get ready in the morning or sip on our coffee.

5. 24K Gold Eye Gel Patches

If you think you deserve the most luxurious at home spa treatments. (Which you totally do!!) These gold eye patches are the ones for you!

Take some extra time this week to pamper yourselves! Do you want to create the most luxurious shower experience too?! Read how to here!

--Labels & Lacquer girls

Images: The Princess Diaries 2001 (1); Courtesy brands (5)

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