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Our Fave New Find Of The Week: Palo Santo

We were introduced to this by someone burning this at work. I loved the smell and asked what it was. It was Palo Santo. Augusta smelled the scent recently and fell in love, too. It made us really consider buying it to make it our "apartment scent." You know when you go into someone's home and it just smells like them or it has it's own smell? We thought Palo Santo could possibly be ours.

Now what is Palo Santo? They are wood sticks that have fallen from a fragrant Ecuadorian Palo Santo tree. The name literally translates into holy wood. You can burn the sticks like incense to fill your home with it's great aroma. This holy wood is supposed to have benefits too. Things like cleansing your energy and helping you keep your calm. Now those are exactly the vibes we would like to have in our day to day lives.

The wooden sticks have scent notes of pine, mint, and lemon. If you would like to try out Palo Santo, keep reading below! You can find larger bundles of them too on sites like Amazon.

Palo Santo

Palo Santo Wood Incense Bundle, $9, Urban Outfitters

Here is a bundle from Urban Outfitters that comes with a set of five, if you would like to try them out for yourselves!

Hope you enjoy this scent as much as we do!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Information Resource: Palo Santo Supply Co,

Images: Urban Oufitters (2)

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