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5 Unexpected Ways To Add Sunscreen To Your Beauty Routine

It's always a good idea to wear sunscreen — but the summer season has a way of making us all a little more consciously aware of it. So, if you're interested in incorporating more SPF into your beauty routine without having to lather yourself in thick, awful-smelling, greasy sunscreen lotion, then you're going to love these unconventional (and easy) ways to pack a little more sun protection into your daily regimen.

You've probably heard of foundations, primers and lip balms that are loaded with SPF 15-30, but the products below are even more out-of-the box than that, so you don't necessarily have to ditch your favorite non-sun blocking products — you can just add these in to the rotation right along with them, instead.

So, let's upgrade that morning process just in time for summer, shall we?

1. Refreshing Mist

Once you've completed your makeup, you can easily lock it in place with this setting spray that's SPF 50. Plus, this can be tossed in your bag and easily reapplied whenever you need it throughout the day. Perfect for on-the-go sunscreen application for work, travel or whatever!

2. Sun-Blocking Serum

Prep your face for a day in the sun or in front of screens with this digital light and sun-blocking product. It's a serum, so it absorbs right in to the skin and creates a blank (but sun-protected) canvas or applying all of your favorite products right on top of. Just brilliant!

3. Invisible All-Over Powder

This powder is great because it's not tinted and can be used on so much more than just your face — because the rest of that beautiful bod needs protection, too. This invisible powder can be applied on top of your makeup as well as on your hands, neck, arms and chest to make sure all your parts are covered! Then, throw it in your bag and re-apply throughout the day. Easy and convenient — just how sunscreen application should be!

4. Moisturizing Body Oil

Talk about effortless sunscreen! This will fit into your routine seamlessly, as it can be applied to your entire body when you're fresh out of the shower to give you all-over sun protection as well as get your skin perfectly moisturized. The product boasts a non-greasy feel, so your skin will be hydrated and glowing, without the same caked-on feeling that lotion gives.

5. Hair Spray

Before styling your hair, make sure your strands and scalp are protected from the sun and heat, which can cause damage to those luscious locks, too. You'll barely notice this product in your hair and as a bonus — it fights frizz, too! Is this a miracle product or what?

Ready to get protected without having to entirely change-up your beauty routine? Us too!

—Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash (1); Courtesy Brands (5)

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