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How To Make Your Own Cashew Milk

The Labels and Lacquer girls recently got to spend the weekend together. It was filled with girl talk, drinking coffee, and going to our fave restaurants. One of the stops we made to refuel was a juice bar. There were so many choices there. Augusta ordered a juice called Blue Lagoon. Blue Lagoon contains lemon juice, lavender, filtered water, honey, E3 Live, peppermint oil. It was really good and who doesn't love that blue mermaid color. I chose to order Cinnamon Cashew milk. BEST decision ever.

We loved the Cashew milk drink. It contained cashews, filtered Water, dates, Himalayan pink mineral salt, cinnamon powder, and vanilla powder. We instantly started thinking of other ways we could use the milk, even though it was yummy to drink as is. Our first thought was how good it would be to use as a coffee creamer. It would really make any coffee that much better.

We really wanted to try and recreate this goodie at home. We found a few recipes to share with you. We are wanting to try these to see which compares to that yummy drink we ordered. To make these recipes and achieve the thick consistency you need time to soak the cashews and a blender to blend the cashews when they are finished soaking.

1. Cinnamon Cashew Milk

Photo & Recipe via: Nyssa Kitchen

This only recipe only contains five ingredients. Definitely check this recipe out. It should be a nice sweet taste because

2. Cinnamon Chai Cashew Milk

Photo & Recipe via: The Healthy Chef

We liked the addition of protein powder and ginger to these recipe, we can see using this milk to make a smoothie.

3. Homemade Almond Milk

Photo & Recipe via: Oh She Glows

This recipe is perfect if you like the idea of cashew milk, but just prefer almond milk. Feel free to add vanilla and cinnamon like in the other recipes too.

Now you can skip the store and make your own dairy-free milk at home. We can't wait to see if you like these beverage as much as we do.

Want some cookies to go with this milk? Click here to make some!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: L &L Orginals (3); Courtesy blogs (3)

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