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How To Feel Like You’re At Coachella Even If You’re Not

Instagram-induced FOMO is definitely real — especially once festival season rolls around. If you’re wishing you could be at Coachella right now — you’re certainly not alone. From the pool parties to romping around in the desert heat, the musical festival lifestyle seems pretty hard to beat.

But, even if you’re, like, too busy adulating to head off to Coachella — it doesn’t mean you have to completely miss out.

We’ve got a checklist of things for you to do to bring all of the Coachella feels to you! Seriously — take these steps, and it’ll make you feel that much closer to reaching all of your “living your best life” goals.

Step 1: Wear This

Swami's Swimsuit, $160, Inamorata Swim

You'll need a super stylish swimsuit to give you all of the Coachella vibes. The great thing about this strapless number is that it's great for lounging poolside by day and pairing with a maxi skirt by night. Major festival feels, right here!

Step 2: Drink This

Recipe Via: Sugar and Soul

This Cactus Cooler is the perfect cocktail for channeling Coachella. You'll feel as though you've been transported to the dessert as you sip on this — and really, that's all you want in life, isn't it. Find the recipe on the Sugar and Soul blog.

Step 3: Do This

One of the best parts of the music festival scene is all of the glamorous pool parties. If you live near a pool, a creek or really any body of water — you're going to want to go chill near it for a bit.

Step 4: Surround Yourself With This

If you don't already have cacti and other greenery filling your home, then make sure you go out and buy some ASAP. Bring the desert-y outdoors in!

Step 5: Spray This

Coconut Body Oil, $34, Kopari

Not only is this super hydrating, but it also will get you smelling like a coconut, and that's how you want to be — you know what we mean?

Step 6: Smell This

Cactus Candle, $16, DW Home

This candle smells like citrus lime and bergamot mixed with notes of jasmine. In other words, burning this will make you feel that much closer to the great state of California.

Step 7: Create A Space That Look Like This

The best thing you can do to end the FOMO once and for all is to get out and create your own adventures, and of course — document them with a polaroid camera. Then, when you're finally home after a long day of fun, set up a pillow fort in your living room and take a look at all that you've done!

Another way to get major boho vibes is to shop vintage items — and we've curated some of our favorite finds for you. So, get to shopping, and bring on the festive summer in California feels!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy Sugar and Soul Blog (1); Courtesy Brands (3); Photo by Camila Cordeiro on Unsplash (1); Photo by on Unsplash (1); Photo by Clarisse Meyer on Unsplash (1)

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