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How To Get The Glowiest Skin Of Your Life This Season

Springtime is the perfect time to shed off the layers and show some skin! You’ve been hidden away under thick knits and even thicker moisturizers, and as you make the transition from sweaters to skirts in your fashion routine — it’s time to reveal a fresher you through your beauty routine, too.

So, it’s time to swap those deeply moisturizing products for serums and oils that will be just as hydrating, but much lighter on the skin. You’ll also want to use a scrub or liquid exfoliant to unveil the newest skin and get rid of the drab layers. Because spring’s all about turning over a new leaf, right?

If you follow these steps — they’ll reveal the glowiest skin of your life. Get ready to shine bright and look renewed this spring season!

Glowing skin for spring — groundbreaking, we know. But, there’s no way you’ll want to skip out on a natural radiance this time of the year. There’s a reason why it’s so popular, after all.

1. Liquid Exfoliant

We love liquid exfoliants because they're not as harsh as scrubs, so you can use them everyday as opposed to only a couple of times a week. Put this on every night before bed and wake up to refreshed skin. This stuff works hard to get rid of dead skin, reduce pore size and keep acne away. It's basically a miracle product, and if you haven't tried it — get it on your top shelf this spring!

2. Lip Scrub

Honey Lip Scrub, $10.95, Lush Cosmetics

Making sure your lips are primed and prepped for all of the bright lip colors you'll be wearing this season is key. This honey lip scrub will have your lips moisturized and feeling oh so soft before you go in with balm or a bright spring-inspired lippie.

3. Toner

Burt's Bees Rosewater Toner, $11.27, Swanson Vitamins

A toner will even out your complexion so that there's no redness. Your skin will be looking flawless and smelling great if you choose a toner that's infused with the subtle scent of rose. In other words — shopping something like this Burt's Bees product is a win-win. Say hello to spring skin!

4. Serum

A hyrdrating serum will take the place of your typical thick moisturizer that you used all winter long, without weighing you down. Use this at night or before you apply makeup to keep your skin looking so full of life.

5. Shimmering Primer

Using a primer with a bit of shimmer as a base for the rest of the makeup will definitely give the dewy effect you're going for. The best part is, it'll look completely natural, and if you're going for more of a glam look you can always add more highlighter, a shimmering finishing powder — you name it. Because sometimes...more is more

6. Highlighter

Speaking of piling on the glow, using a stick highlighter to really go into highlight your cheekbones and more is a great way to add on to the radiant base you've already created with the previous steps. Plus, this champagne shade has just the right amount of peach color to keep you on-trend for spring.

7. Balm

Gloss up your lips, eye lids, cheek bones and more with some balm for the ultimate shine effect. You've never looked so glossy (or been as moisturized). What more could you want?

Adding these rituals to your beauty routine is all you need to unveil the best, healthiest version of yourself. So, get out there and glow!

Want to know more ways to make balm dotcom a permanent part of your beauty routine? Check out these tips!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on Unsplash (1); Courtesy Brands (7)

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