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How To Throw A Spring Inspired Girls Night In

Yay! The Labels and Lacquer girls couldn't be more thrilled that spring is coming so so soon! Time to start shedding our winter coats and adding more florals and lightweight sweaters to our wardrobes. To celebrate this exciting seasonal change, on March 20th, we wanted to do a round-up of spring inspired cocktails and snacks to share with all your best girl friends!

Right off the bat we were thinking about fruity cocktails and any drink including flowers. All the fresh blooms definitely have to be celebrated by a matching cocktail. But to accompany your beverages, you also will need desserts!

With all these recipes you'll be ready to welcome spring the best way possible, with a themed spring party! Invite all your friends and we can help plan the menu!

1. Rose Lemon Spritzer

Photo & Recipe via: Half Baked Harvest

How amazing are these drinks with actual flowers in them? We can't wait to try!

2. Vodka Pear Lemonade

Photo & Recipe via: Sugar and Cloth

Now, lemonade is a classic summer drink. But we like to drink a fresh beverage all year long. We also like the additional pear pairing to mix up the classic— a bit.

3. Tropical Champagne Punch

Photo & Recipe via: my recipes

Okay... we love anything with champagne but this drink is very fitting for all your spring break getaways.

4. Spring Mousse Cups

Photo & Recipe via: Lisa's Lemony Kitchen

We used to love this dessert (dirt cups with candy worms) as kids, but this is a grown-up version. Instead of chocolate pudding, it's chocolate mousse. And instead of gummy worms you can decorate with actual flowers. We're all still kids at heart anyways, right?!

5. Lemon Blueberry Cake

Photo & Recipe via: Delish

We personally think a cake is fitting for any occasion. For a spring event, we think you should go for a blueberry lemon cake. Yum!

6. DIY Floral Donuts

Photo & Recipe via: A Bubbly Life

And really what event would be complete without the cutest donuts ever? Plus they have flowers!

Loving this post? We think you'll also love to read about all the cocktails you'll need for an adult slumber party: here!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy blogs (6); Wix (1)

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