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7 Rugs We Are Loving At The Moment

Furniture has really been on our brains lately. I (Darby) just moved to New York and am furnishing my new apartment. It's really been a team effort when finding furniture. Augusta helped me pick the color palette of each room and sends me furniture inspiration photos all the time and vice versa. Or before I officially make a purchase I always run it by Augusta.

In my new space I have the perfect spot for an area rug. I haven't decided on my final rug purchase yet. But lucky for you, we are rounding up all our favorites to share in this blog post. Rugs are really great pieces of decor and are especially popular right now. They can really add some texture to a room to make it feel even cozier.

For my apartment I really want to have faux fur details so I'm leaning towards a shaggy rug or faux fur. Here are all the ones that have been in our research that we think will look amazing in your homes, too.

1. Diamond Shag Rug

Casey Diamond Shag Rug, $129-489, Urban Outfitters

Ahh this rug looks so chic, yet cozy at the same time.

2. Painted Rug

Painted Terrace Rug, 95-$479, West Elm

A rug that looks like a painting. It's a two for one special!

3. Faux Fur Rug

Faux Fur Rug, $34-$169, Urban Outfitters

This rug comes in three colors but we thought the lavender was a really unique color. And how perfect ultra violet is the Pantone color of the year?!

4. Soft & Plush

Soft & Plush Shag Rug, $175.99, Overstock

OOhh my gosh. This just looks like you'd be walking on a cloud!

5. Printed Rug

Claudia Printed Rug, $189, Urban Outfitters

We just love how fun and colorful this rug is. All the colors go well together.

6. Memphis Rug

Memphis Light Gray Rug, $249-$1,199, Crate & Barrel

This option from Crate & Barrel is definitely on the pricier side. But we think this shaggy rug is worth it.

6. Colorful Wool Carpet

This rug really isn't that expensive for how beautiful it is!

7. Cold Picnic Rug

This brand has the coolest products. We are obsessed with the abstract shapes seen in this rug option. It's truly a work of art.

Like how you can make your room more cozy after reading this post? See how you can have cake for breakfast here.

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy brands (7); Wix (1)

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