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Cop Bella Hadid's Latest Paris Look

Dad sneakers are all over the place right now. And we can't help but love this trend. Somehow the oversized sneakers are very chic. Not to mention how practical and comfy the 'it" accessory of the moment are.

Bella is currently in Paris. She recently stepped out in the City Of Love in a head to toe Heron Preston look, on the way to attend the brand's show. Of course Bella looked amazing. She was wearing a sheer turtleneck with black tights. Then over that, a two-toned blazer. For her accessories she wore the Balenciaga Triple S sneakers and big hoop earrings. Hadid's look was minimal with several accessories. She also had tiny sunglasses, sporty socks over her tights, and a crossbody bag she carried later in the evening.

We are living for this Parisian look right now!! If you don't have Bella Hadid kind of money; don't worry we've got you covered! Keep reading to see how you can re-create this look for you.

1. Tiny Sunglasses

Geo Diamond Sunglasses, $18, Urban Outfitters

These are a similar rose color to the pair Bella's wearing. Plus how great are these mini frames?

2. Bella's Exact Earrings

The bigger the hoop, the better!

3. Plaid Blazer

Blazer Dress, $77, Missguided

This isn't an exact match the Hadid's designer dress. But it is still ultra chic and very Parisian looking. Oui oui!

4. Mesh Turtleneck

This mesh turtleneck is a dead ringer to the one she is wearing and is SUCH a good price.

4. Your Very Own Dad Sneakers

Fila Sneakers, $70, Urban Outfitters

Just the shoes you've been looking for... voilà Filas.

5. Sporty Socks

Last but not least, a pair of retro tube sock inspired ankle socks.

Now you can cop Bella's look and pretend you're in Paris in your new outfit!!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

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Images: Courtesy brands (5); fashioninpills/instagram (1)

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