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Winter Skin Care Items We Can't Live Without

The winter months are no joke for your skin, but with just a few changes, you can completely conquer the cold weather without missing a beat! Richer moisturizers and remembering to exfoliate on the regular are just a couple of small things you can do to keep your skin from looking dry and drab this season.

As the cold weather sets in, we’ll definitely be using products from brands such as Glossier, Skin Laundry and Kopari to keep our bods in tip-top shape.

See some of the products we’ll be keeping on our top shelves all winter long:

1. Priming Moisturizer Rich

Priming Rich Moisturizer, $35, Glossier

This rich, buttery product is as luxurious as skin care gets. It's sure to keep your skin hydrated and feeling great. It's intensely moisturizing, but won't leave your face feeling greasy and the best part of all — you can easily add makeup on top of it. So, it'll become apart of your routine seamlessly this winter season.

2. BHA Exfoliant

2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant, $29, Paula's Choice

This will gently exfoliate to reveal the healthiest, most glowing layer of skin. Because this is a liquid, it's not as abrasive as traditional scrubs and can be used up to twice a day. We love this stuff because it's a great way to keep our skin naturally glowing even though the summertime sun isn't exactly apart of our beauty routine at the moment.

3. Smoothing Eye Concentrate

Smoothing Eye Concentrate, $29, Juice Beauty

Taking some extra time to make sure our eye area is moisturized is a nice, pampering step in our nighttime routine. It feels like we're pampering ourselves, and we're helping to keep our eyes look brighter, younger and healthier in the process. Adding this to your routine is an all-round win.

4. Brightening Serum

Brightening Serum With Glycolic Acid, $50, Skin Laundry

Adding this to a nighttime routine is almost as good as pressing the snooze button. You'll wake looking refreshed with brighter, younger-looking skin. This is made to produce collagen and fight wrinkles, so we'll be using this stuff all-year round, but it's especially great during the winter when our skin tends to look the most dull.

5. Mega Greens Galaxy Pack

Mega Greens Galaxy Pack, $22, Glossier

This gentle clay mask will deliver major hydration, while gently exfoliating away dry, dull layers. Put this on, relax for 20 minutes and wash the mask away to reveal an even better you!