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DIY Thanksgiving Decorations To Get Your Home Ready For Guests

Thanksgiving will be here before we know it! This year has really flown by. As sad as we were to see the month of October go, we are excited for Thanksgiving. It is a time of year to be thankful for what you have and spend quality time with loved ones.

We wanted to provide some DIY ideas we've been seeing for chic Thanksgiving decorations, that way you can be extra festive. I'm sure everyone has their own favorite family traditions or food that you look forward towards every year. So we wouldn't want to mess that up. But whether you're going away to a family member's house, this could be a hostess gift, or you can decorate your own home with these ideas.

Looking around, we found the cutest ideas and can't wait for you to scroll and see for yourselves. I mean a pumpkin as a vase to hold autumn flowers, how perfect?! Get ready to have Thanksgiving in style. You handle the food and we'll handle the decorations.

1. Pumpkin Fireplace

Photo: Target

Well isn't this just the dreamiest fall scene? We'll definitely want to recreate this fall scene for Thanksgiving this year.

  • Decorative Chevron Pumpkins

Chevron pumpkins! We actually found this image from Target, so you can shop the exact chevron pumpkins they use.

  • Mini Decorative Plaid Pumpkins

We especially love the mini pumpkins in the plaid print.

  • Orange Fabric Pumpkin

You can beat the traditional orange pumpkin!

2. Pumpkin Garland

Photo & Tutorial via: Design Improvised

This seems like a DIY we could handle. I don't know about you, but I use to make yarn pom-poms all the time for various projects. This tutorial is a very similar process to those yarn pom-poms. Check out this pumpkin cuteness. The best thing is, you don't much supplies to recreate this!

  • Orange Yarn

Orange Yarn, $2.99, Michael's

  • 5. Green Pipe Cleaners

Chenille Stems, $2.99, Michael's

  • Burlap String

Burlap Cord, $7 per roll,

3. Thanksgiving Wreath

Photo & Tutorial via: Simply Country Life

How adorable? This wreath is so on theme and just nice to greet your guests with!

  • Wreath

  • White Pumpkins

White Mini Pumpkins, $4.99, Stumps Party

  • Small Burlap Triangle Banner

Small Burlap Triangle Banner, $2.99, Oriental Trading

  • Letter Stencils

Stencil Lettering Kit, $4.56, Amazon

  • Black Paint

Black Paint, $2.79, Michael's

  • Foam Brush Set

Foam Brush Set, $8, Michael's

4. Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Photo & Tutorial via: Country Living

We wanted to found a centerpiece with a bit of a change-up of all the pumpkins we've been showing. Not that anything is wrong with pumpkins! But we did fall in love with the metallic corn cobs!

  • Dried Corn Cobs

Dried Corn Cobs, $12.31, Amazon

  • Metallic Spray Paint

  • Rayon Ribbon

Rayon Ribbon, $12.22, Amazon

5. Fall Candles

Photo & Tutorial via: Thats What Che Said

We are picturing putting a few of these around the house. It's so simple and we can't believe we haven't thought of this before!

  • Pillar Candle

We thought this gold glitter candle was oh so festive, especially with a leaf tied around it with burlap ribbon.

  • Burlap Ribbon

Jute Burlap Ribbon Pack, $2.49, Hobby Lobby

We loved that this burlap came in a variety pack so you can really switch up the candles.

  • Faux Leaves

This is great for the candles, but also just for placement on the table!

6. Pumpkin Place Cards

Photo & Tutorial via: Celebrating Everyday Life

The easiest name cards to add to your Thanksgiving table. We provided the ribbon and fabric marker below, all you need is the mini pumpkins from the store. We went with a nice satin taupe ribbon, so chic!

  • Ribbon

Taupe Satin Ribbon, $10.75+ for 50 yards, Ribbon Bazaar

  • Fabric Marker

Get these markers and start practicing your best font. Now you can write all the names for Thanksgiving placecards!

Happy almost Thanksgiving!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy blogs (6) Courtesy brands (20); Target (1)

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