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Velvet Pieces To Add Major Fall Feels To Your Home

Velvet is a major fall staple for your wardrobe, but that’s not the only place you’ll want to keep this cozy fabric this season. Stocking your living room and bedroom with velvet pieces will carry the style you love throughout your home because being on-trend isn’t just about what you wear, you know?

From throw pillows to comforters for your bed, there are all sorts of ways to create a cohesive fall aesthetic in your home. You can go big — we’re talking velvet couches, here — or small with affordable accents to fit your budget, taking advantage of the fall season all the while.

Shop some of our favorite velvet pieces for the home below!

1. Velvet Comforter

Velvet Grid Stitch Quilt, $89.99, Target

Make your bed even more comfy and cozy this fall season by topping those sheets off with a velvet spread. However, consider yourself warned — this will make it even harder to get out of bed in the mornings!

2. Velvet Arm Chair

Anselle Swivel Chair, $898, Anthropologie

This will make a great addition to your living room or home office. Whether you're curling up in this to read a good book or you're sitting down to conquer the emails that have been sitting in your inbox once and for all — this millennial pink number will have you feeling like a total girl boss.

3. Velvet Sofa

Minna Velvet Sofa, $849, Urban Outfitters

It just doesn't get more chic than this. No matter where you place this sofa in your home, you're bound to create the ultimate space for lounging. If we had it our way, this would fit inside of a giant closet so we could sit on this amazing couch and admire our clothing — how very Carrie Bradshaw!

4. Velvet Throw Pillow

Can't afford a brand new couch? Not to worry! You can easily load up any of your furniture with velvet throw pillows for a much more affordable price point. That way, you don't have to miss out on any of the fall feels as you Netflix and chill!

5. Embossed Velvet Throw Blanket

This cover will be great for snuggling. Keep one in your bedroom and living room all fall and winter long — just so you can stay extra warm.

6. Velvet Headboard Pillow

Corduroy is ridged velvet, so this corduroy accent has all of the softness you'd expect. This is a great hack if you don't have a headboard, or if you're just looking for an extra bit of softness during the fall season. Your Saturday "stay in bed" sessions are about to get a whole lot better!

7. Velvet Vanity Chair

Can you imagine sitting down in this chair to get your glam on? We can't think of anything more luxe than that! As far as we're concerned — the more blush-colored velvet in your home, the better.

Loving the decorating inspiration? Keep it coming by checking out some of our favorite throw pillows here.

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy Brands (7)

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