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Mug Cakes For Every Meal Of The Day To Make Your Meal Prep Quick & Easy

The Labels and Lacquer girls love mug cakes. They are just so easy to make. It’s pretty amazing that you can have a cake like consistency in a mug in less than 5 mins. Science is crazy haha It makes for a perfect late night snack. When you don’t have much to make for dessert, but you have eggs, flour, and sugar – you basically have everything for a mug cake.

It also makes for a nice breakfast snack. This morning I made myself blueberry muffins in a mug. It makes mornings quick, easy, and delicious. I know it’s back to school season, making easy mornings needed. And even if you’re not going back to school, we know you’re busy and could use food hacks.

We found a variety of meals all of which you can make in a mug! For breakfast, dinner, and dessert we've got you covered. Get that microwave ready!


1. Blueberry Muffin Mug Cake

Photo & Recipe via: Five Heart Home

This is actually the recipe I made this morning! It was so yummy and the blueberries were a nice touch.

2. Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut Mug Cake

Photo & Recipe via: BitznGiggles

We are always looking for baked doughnut recipes since we don't have a deep fryer. We may have found our solution: a doughnut mug cake.

3. One Minute Cinnamon Roll

Photo & Recipe via: A Virtual Vegan

What? A cinnamon roll that only takes a minute to bake?! We are always looking up ways to make cinnamon rolls even faster! :)


1. Spinach Ricotta Lasagna in a Mug

Photo & Recipe via: Healthy Nibbles and Bits

This looks so delicious! We can wait to make this for dinner sometime soon.

2. Coffee Cup Chilaquiles

Photo & Recipe via: Stl Today

I had no idea so many yummy dinners could be made in the microwave. This chilaquiles seems like quite the fancy microwave meal.