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Mug Cakes For Every Meal Of The Day To Make Your Meal Prep Quick & Easy

The Labels and Lacquer girls love mug cakes. They are just so easy to make. It’s pretty amazing that you can have a cake like consistency in a mug in less than 5 mins. Science is crazy haha It makes for a perfect late night snack. When you don’t have much to make for dessert, but you have eggs, flour, and sugar – you basically have everything for a mug cake.

It also makes for a nice breakfast snack. This morning I made myself blueberry muffins in a mug. It makes mornings quick, easy, and delicious. I know it’s back to school season, making easy mornings needed. And even if you’re not going back to school, we know you’re busy and could use food hacks.

We found a variety of meals all of which you can make in a mug! For breakfast, dinner, and dessert we've got you covered. Get that microwave ready!


1. Blueberry Muffin Mug Cake

Photo & Recipe via: Five Heart Home

This is actually the recipe I made this morning! It was so yummy and the blueberries were a nice touch.

2. Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut Mug Cake

Photo & Recipe via: BitznGiggles

We are always looking for baked doughnut recipes since we don't have a deep fryer. We may have found our solution: a doughnut mug cake.

3. One Minute Cinnamon Roll

Photo & Recipe via: A Virtual Vegan

What? A cinnamon roll that only takes a minute to bake?! We are always looking up ways to make cinnamon rolls even faster! :)


1. Spinach Ricotta Lasagna in a Mug

Photo & Recipe via: Healthy Nibbles and Bits

This looks so delicious! We can wait to make this for dinner sometime soon.

2. Coffee Cup Chilaquiles

Photo & Recipe via: Stl Today

I had no idea so many yummy dinners could be made in the microwave. This chilaquiles seems like quite the fancy microwave meal.

3. 5 Minute Mug Pizza

Photo & Recipe via: Spoon University

This sure beats having to wait 15 to 20 mins for an oven pizza from the store! This is perfect for all the college kids reading this!


1. Birthday Mug Cake

Photo & Recipe via: The Cupcake Chronicles

Ahh birthday cake is such a classic! This mug cake makes it easy to whip up at home in your microwave ASAP!

2. Moistest Chocolate Cake

Photo & Recipe via: Table For Two Blog

This has been our go-to mug cake recipe for years. Before we found this recipe, we found the recipes we were trying weren't like typical cake consistency when they were done baking. But this mug cake taste just like a yummy chocolate cake, we highly recommend.

3. Pumpkin Spice Mug Cake

Photo & Recipe via: Kirbie Cravings

This will sure get you in the fall mood in now time. Everyone loves pumpkin spice flavored everything this time of year!

There you have it! We are definitely going to be starting making these this week!

Images: Courtesy brands (9); Wix (1)

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