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8 Peach Recipes To Make Before The End Of Summer

There’s nothing quite like fresh, juicy peaches in the summertime, so you better make sure you get your fill of them before the season comes to an end.

We have memories at stopping at tons of peach stands to buy fresh fruit as children — they made road trips so much better!

And now that we’re grown (and from Georgia), we love cooking tons of recipes involving ripe peaches. The following round-up contains recipes you can mix up for breakfast, dinner and dessert so you can enjoy this juicy fruit all throughout the day.

So, what are you waiting for? Slice open a peach and start eating!

1. Baked Peaches

Recipe and Photo via: I Heart Naptime

Peaches are perfect all on their own. This simple recipe hardly alters the fruit, just enhances it by adding cinnamon, warming it and topping with vanilla bean ice cream. YUM!

2. Peach Tartlets

Recipe and Photo via: Natasha's Kitchen

These tartlets are actually easier than you'd imagine to make — which is quite dangerous for a sweet lover! You can whip these up for dessert or breakfast — or both — no judgement!

3. Peach & Prosciutto Pizza

Recipe and Photo via: Kitchen Concoctions

You wouldn't necessarily expect peaches to taste incredible atop pizza, but trust us — it does. This Prosciutto, brie and peach concoction is a winning recipe that deserves a spot on your dinner table.

4. Peach Cobbler French Toast Casserole

Recipe and Photo via: The Recipe Rebel

What could make french toast even better? Peach cobbler, that's what. This combines two of your favorite sweet treats into one easy to make and even easier to eat breakfast dish. Who's ready for seconds?

5. Peach & Blueberry Greek Yogurt Cake

Recipe and Photo via: Julia's Album

Sweet peaches and blueberries combine with a moist cake to make a delicious summertime treat. Top with whipped cream, and you're set for the rest of the season!

6. Peach Pie Bars

Recipe and Photo via: The Recipe Critic

Peach pie is even easier to eat when it comes in the form of a biteable bar — no fork required. So, I guess you know what you're bringing to the next outdoor BBQ, huh?

7. Breakfast Peach Parfaits

Recipe and Photo via: Simply Quinoa

Reimagine overnight oats or chia seed pudding by adding a pie-like quality to your breakfast using peaches and pecans. Mornings will never be the same again.

8. Peach Bruschetta

Recipe and Photo via: Life As A Strawberry

Serve this up as an appetizer the next time you need something to please a crowd. The peaches will balance out the bitterness of the whipped goat cheese for the ultimate flavor combination.

These recipes will have you living your best life until summer comes to a close.

And if you can't get enough fruity recipes, check out this post featuring the best lemon desserts to eat this season.

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy Blogs (8)

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