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How We're Liking The Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection Minis

Yes, as we have previously shared, we love Kylie Cosmetics. We anxiously awaited buying our first lip kits. Augusta's first lip kit was 22 and Darby's was Posie K. Those two lippies are still some of our fave go-tos. Kylie's limited edition birthday collection was pretty exciting to see all the new products to her website. They are still in stock, so we urge you to go see what you can still buy.

Kylie and I (Darby) share the birthday month August. And another fun fact is our birthdays are actually the same day, August 10th!! For my birthday this year, among many other amazing gifts, Augusta let me pick something out from The Birthday Collection to order. Woo hoo! I chose the Mini Kit Velvet Liquid Lipsticks.

I'm so happy I did. There are several great nude shades, which I am always searching for the perfect one to actually match my lip color. Along with nude shades there is a fun pinky coral shade, a pop purple shade, and a reddish hot pink. Yay!! My favorite color is pink, so Kylie just really gets me. I was able to rock these shades all month long and even on the big b-day.

We love ordering the mini sets, because you get six lip shades for only $36. That's a lot of bang for the buck. The packaging is amazing. It's all pink with glittered hearts all over. Kylie really thinks about all the little details. Another one of my favorite parts are how cute the shade names are. They are:

  • LA (light nude peach)

  • Party Girl (bright hot coral)

  • Birthday Suit (nude warm beige)

  • Sprinkle (vibrant plum)

  • Commando (terracotta beige)

  • Surprise Me (bright fuchsia)

Mini Kit Velvet Lipsticks

Mini Kit Velvet Lipsticks, $36, Kylie Cosmetics

Here's some swatches.

Closer Up:

Get ready to pucker up! Get these liquid minis while you still can!!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Kylie Cosmetics (2); L & L Originals (4)

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