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S'mores Desserts Are The Ultimate Summertime Treat

S’mores are such a classic dessert, so they’re good anytime of the year. Sure, sitting outside by a campfire isn’t as enjoyable when it’s hot out, but on those occasional cool summer nights—it can’t be beat.

And if you happen to live somewhere where cool summer nights are practically non-existent, then you will certainly love the recipes we’ve rounded up.

Because whether you find yourself by a campfire this season or no, you’re going to want some chocolate and marshmallow treats. Eating these flavors in a non-traditional format make it easy to enjoy them year-round. No fire necessary.

From s’mores cheesecake to s’mores ice cream—you’re going to love these dessert options all year-round.

1. Indoor S'mores Bites

Recipe and Photo Via: The First Year Blog

Who needs a campfire when you can easily make delicious s'mores indoors! These are so easy to separate into muffin tins and bake until nice and toasty!

2. S'mores Brownies

Recipe and Photo Via: Back For Seconds

Ok, the only things that could make s'mores better are brownies. The two combine for the ultimate dessert creation in this ooey, gooey recipe.

3. S'mores Cheesecake Bites

Recipe and Photo Via: Crazy For Crust

The graham cracker portion of the classic s'more gets reimagined in this cheesecake version. Now, it serves as the crust for a bed of sugar-y cream cheese, chocolate frosting and toasted marshmallow. Can you say, "yum?!"

4. Waffle S'mores

Recipe and Photo Via: The Cupcake Chronicles

Wedging chocolate and marshmallow in between two perfeclty browned and crispy waffles? Don't mind if we do! Whether you have this for an ultra sweet breakfast or an after dinner treat, there's no going wrong!

5. S'mores Pop Tarts

Recipe and Photo Via: Big Bear's Wife

Pie crust, marshmallow fluff and Nutella or choclate spread can help you make your very own version of Toaster Strudel. Breakfast is about to get so much better.

6. S'mores Homemade Ice Cream

Recipe and Photo Via: The Gunny Sack

After you've made some yummy chocolate ice cream you can stir in marshmallows and graham cracker crumbs to turn this from plain ol' ice cream to a delicious s'mores upgrade.

7. S'mores Popsicle

Recipe and Photo Via: Little Inspiration

Cool whip layered between chocolate and graham cracker crumbs can transform into frozen deliciousness and make your summer so much better!

Your summer dessert game is about to get a whole lot stronger. And if these recipes should continue to be made throughout the year—then so be it!

If your sweet tooth is kicking in right about now, you can also check out this post about the best dessert popsicles to enjoy this season.

Images: Courtesy Blogs (7)

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