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Rose-Infused Coffee Is The Chicest Ever

Let’s be honest—add rose petals to pretty much anything and it gets infinitely better. Seriously. Baths, bedrooms, coffee. Yes, coffee.

We’ve been loving adding rose-flavored infusions to our caffeinated beverages lately, especially when they’re topped with actual dried petals. So, chic.

The good news is, if your local café isn’t offering rose-covered beverages, then you can make them yourself in your very own kitchen.

These recipes will help you have the most lavish coffee-sipping experience of your life, so get ready to mix these beverages up, ASAP!

1. Cardamom & Rose Iced Latte

Recipe Via: Local Milk

Flavoring your creamer with rose essence and cardamom will add a light, subtle, yet noticeable difference to your coffee. It's simple to pull off, and once you've tried it—you may not drink coffee the same way again.

2. Coconut & Rose Earl Grey Tea Latte

Recipe Via: Meatified

Coconut milk, honey and dried rose petals will take your afternoon tea and make it an even sweeter treat. Need a pick-me-up? Get some of this in your cup.

3. Iced Rose Milk

Recipe Via: T2Tea

Vanilla beans will add even more natural flavor to this floral beverage. Cheers to you!

4. Cinnamon Rose Horchata

Recipe Via: Tending The Table

If you thought regular cinnamon-spiced horchata was good, then you're going to love the softer side of it. You can make a rose-flavored version in your own home using almonds, white rice and rosewater concentrate.

5. Rose Vanilla Coffee

If you love no-hassle, vanilla creamer you can easily upgrade it. Add rose water to this Coffee-Mate creamer and you'll have the ultimate morning cup of joe. Mornings made oh-so easy!

Interested in amping up your coffee game? Well, now you know just how to do it! Enjoy! Caffeine with a touch of pretty. Can't go wrong there!

Like the idea of upgrades? Add a hint of lemon flavor to your desserts, then! See these recipes!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy Blogs (5)

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