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Storage Options For Late Spring Cleaners

Let's be honest. We all didn't have time for spring cleaning. But it is better late than never. I really need to deep clean and really just de clutter my space. Augusta and I were just talking about how we need to clean our closets, too. But one thing at a time, that would be a whole other blog post!

First things first... If you have things all over the place. That is probably because they don't have a proper place to begin with. So if that do have a proper place, start by cleaning and putting everything away. Now you can focus on new storage options.

After reading this post we hope you find really cute storage options for your home. Then it will just be time to organize. And voilà your home will be clutter free and can go back to being your oasis.

1. Vintage Lockers

Second Hand Lockers, $71.50, Used Lockers

Woah these are too cool. They are actually second hand lockers from a school. These would be really fun to decorate. You could cover them in stickers, mirrors, magnets, and fun posters. The possibilities are endless. But definitely some early 2000s major school girl vibes.

2. New Lockers

Uline Single Tier, $325, U Line

If you're not into the idea of vintage lockers, here are new options. You can still have just as much fun with these lockers. Not only are they cute but they can fit a lot in them to help tidy up around the house.

3. Movable Vanity

Get Ready Stand, $99, PB Teen

This one is particularly great for the bathroom. It is basically a movable vanity. You can move it from your bedroom straight to the bathroom. It will tidy your bathroom counters and make getting ready go even smoother!

4. Beach-y Baskets

Beachcomb Baskets, $59-$129, Pottery Barn

These cute storage baskets can be placed every so often to help clean up a little. They can also make your space feel beach-y.

5. Tufted Ottoman

Tufted Ottomans, $9.99, Bed, Bath, and Beyond

This ottoman has a lot of ways to hold different items. There are even spots for your shoes. Coming from girls that leave their shoes everywhere- this is very helpful!

6. Cubby

Stacked 4 Bin Storage Cubby, $169.99, Overstock

This cubby seems very helpful to be placed in multiple locations in your home.

There are 6 storage options that you can use in your home! We hope this helps you de clutter or at least start to de clutter!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy brands (6)

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