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Pool Side Approved Beverages That You'll Be Drinking All Summer Long

So it's not officially summer yet. But everyone knows that basically after Memorial Day, summer has started! The other day when Augusta was in town we were able to spend most of our day by the pool. We laid out and even had to get in the water because it was so hot. We haven't had time with our busy schedules to just get some sun by a pool in a long time. We absolutely loved it!

At one point I looked at Augusta and said, "All we need now are some piña coladas!" And she got up from the pool to head inside to the kitchen to make us margaritas. The margaritas made our pool day even better!

That day spent by the pool inspired this post. Because everything is better when you have a refreshing beverage to pair with it, right?! There are some alcoholic and non-alcoholic options included in this round-up! Enjoy your day out in the sun and keep cool with these drinks!

1. Frozen Coconut Mojito

Image & Recipe via: Whitney Bond

Woah, add coconut to these minty drink and the Labels and Lacquer girls are all over it!

2. Rosé Sangria

Image & Recipe via: Yummy Mummy Kitchen

Augusta loves sangria. And this rosé seems like it would be perfect to sip on an island/ poolside somewhere!

3. Blackberry Mint Mule

Image & Recipe via: Cooking Channel TV

We have been really liking Moscow Mules recently and this blackberry addition is a nice twist. It's fruity and fun!

4. Orange Dreamsicle Smoothie

Image and Recipe via: Mel's Kitchen Cafe

Who doesn't love an orange dreamsicle? They just taste like summer to us!

5. Blueberry Lemonade

Image & Recipe via: Damn Delicious

Ahh a nice tall glass of lemonade is a go-to summer drink! Now you can drink it with blueberries mixed in too! Yum!

These poolside beverages will not disappoint!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy blogs (5)

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