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The Unicorn Beauty Trend Continues With BECCA Cosmetics' Latest Launch

This season has been all about makeup that lets you unleash your inner unicorn. From holographic highlighters to lip toppers, you should feel free to express yourself in the most unique ways possible when it comes to your beauty routine. BECCA Cosmetics' latest items will allow you to do just that, too!

Tons of brands have gotten in on the unicorn action, too. Because who can pass up the chance to create super colorful products that are just as fun to look at as they are to wear. Brands such as ColourPop, Too Faced and Tarte Cosmetics have jumped on the bold beauty trend, but now, an unexpected cosmetics company is getting in on the fun as well, and we couldn't be more here for it!

BECCA Cosmetics recently announced that they're coming out with holographic highlighters and lip glosses, and this is definitely a different, yet exciting move for the brand. They're known for creating products that will give you a natural looking glow, but a colorful glow? These upcoming items are really unlike anything they've released before!

Six different highlighting shades ranging from prismatic white to purple and matching lippies are coming out in early June, according to the brand's Instagram account. They'll be available to shop at Sephora and the BECCA Cosmetics website, and once you get a look at the pictures they've posted so far, you're going to be convinced to try out an ultra unique beauty look, if you haven't already dabbled in magical colors, that is!

Just look at these gorgeous hues! How could you not want to paint your face with this shininess?!

It's cool that the highlighters and lippies are made to be paired together so that your pout can match your all-over glow, but you can feel free to mix and match if you want, too. Because really, there's no wrong way to wear colors that change in the light!

We don't know about you, but this peach-y color on the left is calling our name! It's so pretty!

This bright white highlight shade is intriguing because with the glitter that's inside, it's likely a whole rainbow of color payoff, despite how it looks in the pan. And that's precisely why we can't wait to get it on our cheeks!

BECCA Cosmetics is here to help the unicorn trend live on, and we've got absolutely no problems with it. If you feel the same way, then get ready to shop these products as soon as they're available. This is just what your beauty routine's been missing.

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Images: beccacosmetics/Instagram (4)

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