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Spots Where You Can Still Find Unicorn- Inspired Lattes

It appears the unicorn frappuccino is already gone from Starbucks (they are sold out at most locations). Augusta and I were unable to snag the drinks before they disappeared too. But don't fret, there are other places you can get a similar unicorn coffee drinking kind of experience. It may not be exactly the Starbucks' recipe, but I'm sure it will be just as magical.

We hunted the Internet for your next cafè sessions (especially if you live in New York or Brisbane). Coffee can be a pretty powerful thing on its own, helping you have energy through even the busiest of days. Having a little extra unicorn kick with sprinkles on top, will really help you power through your week.

Get your order ready and your phone. Because you are going to want to post about this!

1. & 2. Healing Unicorn Lattes At The End Brooklyn

Photo Credit: New York Times

We have been dying to try these at The End Brooklyn. The drink is very healthy and packed with blue algae. So you're healthy unicorn-esque lifestyle can begin everyday with your trip to The End Brooklyn. (excuse us while we pack our bags to NYC).

P.S. This drink doesn't actually contain any coffee, but it's healthy and has extra sprinkles in it!

3. Rainbow Latte in Brisbane

Photo Credit: Notey

Yes, I think this calls for a special flight to Australia, specifically to Piggy Back Cafè in Brisbane. This drink features latte art, but only with... bright and fun colorful cream! Its RAINBOW. And this might not be a unicorn per say. But the two really go hand and hand.

There you are get to sipping on these magical drinks.

--Labels and Lacquer Girls

Stayed tuned for our favorite coconut milk recipes next week!

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