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How To Survive Coachella Weekend 2, Without Being There

Coachella Weekend 2 is coming up. The only thing sadder than missing the first weekend of Coachella is missing Coachella again. Of course there is always Instagram and Snapchat where you are able to live vicariously through all your favorite celebrities. But that just isn't the same thing.

We have come up with a guide so you can feel like your stuck out in the dessert for one of the best music festivals too. We know it is not as good as actually being in the Coachella action, but hey it is the next best thing. We are eager to follow this guide too.

Get ready for one fun day in the sun! There is always next year to get your Coachella on, but in the meantime here is your 6 step guide to Coachella-ing at home!

1. Get Your Coachella Playlist Ready

2. Go Outside All Day

Maybe you won't be dancing in the Cali dessert all day. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the outdoors. If you live near a beach or a pool, go hang out there all day. Even if you don't you can go to a local park. Just being outside will make you feel like you took advantage of a whole day of your weekend to soak up the sun.

3. Buy Yourself A New Outfit & Bathing Suit

Striped Pant, $149, For Love & Lemons

Let's face it Coachella only has so much to do with the music. To us, it's really all about the fashion. What did Kendall and Kylie wear today??

Instead of planning your weekend festival wear, pretend you are! Buy yourself a new outfit and bathing suit. Hey, maybe all the Coachella goers won't see it, but you deserve a new outfit anyways!

4. You Also Need a New Pool Float

Margarita Pool Float, $26, Urban Outfitters

A new pool float will keep you cool at all the Coachella parties and at home!

5. Stay Hydrated

You will be having a busy day partying until the wee hours of the morning, stay hydrated and refresh with healthy snacks. Stock up on one of our favorite warm weather beverage, coconut water.

6. Get Your Pillow Palette Ready for Nighttime

Coachella is live streaming this year. You can actually pull up the live footage and pretend you're under the desert stars listening! See Coachella live in action on your pillow palette you make!

Have a good Coachella weekend 2!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Coachella (2); Wix (1); Courtesy brands (3); Spell Designs (1)

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