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Datebox Delivers A Date At Your Doorstep & It's Perfect For Pairs

Whether you’re dying for a night in with your girls or with your SO, Datebox is the way to go. This is a subscription service that literally delivers a date in a box to your doorstep.

I ordered this for my boyfriend and I to try out in honor of Valentine’s Day, and I can’t tell you how much fun it was. It was great to have ice cream, dance lessons and a game to play, all without ever leaving the house. If you think that sounds amazing, let me explain how it works.

Ok, so once you’ve signed up for a box on the Datebox website, all you have to do is wait for your package to arrive. Once the box is delivered, you’ll have everything you need for a fun night in. Each box is different, but the one we received had the ingredients to make our own ice cream with rock salt (yes, like you did in science class!), a card game to see how well you and your partner know each other and a dance lesson DVD to teach you two how to ballroom dance.

With all those ingredients, you’re set for a fun date night that won’t cost an arm and a leg. Set some time aside and get ready for some quality bonding time because that’s definitely what this date box has in store for you!

First, we followed the directions to make the ice cream and once it was ready, we stuck it in the freezer for a few minutes. While we waited for it to harden, we played a few rounds of the card game.

We still haven’t tried the dance DVD, but we’re definitely excited to! We’re saving that for another date night, so if you play your cards right, this box can deliver multiple nights of fun!

Since giving this subscription service a try, we’ve made our own ice cream with others, so this is something you can also do with friends.

You can sign up to receive this box every month, every three months or every six months. How often you decide to do this is totally up to you, but we’d definitely recommend doing Datebox dates as often as possible. It’s just too much of a good time not to!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

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Images: getdatebox/Instagram (1); L & L Originals (4)

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