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How To Recreate One Of Our Favorite Hong Kong Desserts

It’s been one year since our trip to Hong Kong, and if there’s one thing we’d be willing to go back for, it’s the ice cream and waffle combination we found at Oddies Foodies.

Darby found photos of this incredible dessert and the treat immediately made it to the top of our “must eat” list. After strolling the streets of Wan Chai to find this place, getting distracted by an In and Out store and finally spotting the line from down the street, it was our turn to order. (We're pretty sure this location has since closed, but you can find one in Central.)

I got an egg waffle that had soft serve ice cream that was filled with red velvet cake pieces (in the ice cream and the batter! Yum!). Darby got a super chocolate-y version filled with brownies, carmelized banana ice cream and passion fruit panna cotta, and even though it was a little chilly outside, we were determined to enjoy this cold dessert.

I mean, it wasn’t difficult to enjoy every single bite of these, though. We are willing to go back to HK to have another one — if that tells you anything about how delicious it was!

But, we do realize it’s not practical to make the long trek to HK just for ice cream, so we’re going to share a little bit about how to make these goodies for yourself. Because, yeah, we’ll admit we’ve been looking into it!

To make the Hong Kong-style egg waffle, you’ll need a special waffle maker, but trust us, it’s worth the purchase. Once you’ve got that in your possession, you’ll need the following recipes to bring the most delicious ice cream concoctions to life!

1. Egg Waffle Recipe

Photo and Recipe by: Kirbie's Cravings

Doesn't this look devine? Once you have the machine you can make these for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. There are a couple of unusual ingredients such as custard powder and tapioca starch, but other than that, it's your standard waffle recipe.

2. DIY Soft Serve Ice Cream

Photo and Recipe by: Love Grows Wild

Since you're already having to buy a machine to make the egg waffles (or settle for regular old waffles), we figured it'd be nice to find a no-churn ice cream recipe so there's no extra machinery required! This creamy recipe is filled with vanilla beans and is sure to be absolutely scrumptious!

Then, get creative with your toppings! Sprinkles, brownies, red velvet cake pieces — the sky’s the limit!

And until you can get on a flight to HK and pay Oddies Foodies a visit, this will just have to do! Trust us, we’ll be eating right along with you. Enjoy!

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